Monday, 20 January 2014

Psychologically postmodern is the Only One Right

Basically, [psychology] seeks to explain how humans behave on the assumption that there is no morality - it is all "humanistic garbage".  It is based on a postmodern framework that there are no absolutes and everything that is comprehensible to the human mind can only be explained by social and cultural norms. Postmodernism is basically humanism which seeks to deny the existence of morality. It appears to be very open, but it is really just arrogant and hypocritical, by purporting that morality exists when a conflicting worldview offends postmodernist ideology. A tutor sought to "enlighten" us about "socialisation" of gender roles. She asked us why is it that we buy baby girls pink clothes and baby boys blue clothes, why are girl's toys mainly focused on kitchens, etc as though working in the home was some kind of 'sin'

Some people would say that making such a statement means that one 'denounces' and 'rejects' these people. That is true, and rightly so. God told the Israelites not to mix around with their neighbours, who were pagans because they would be a bad influence on them. They would turn them from God. The same applies today.