Monday, 27 October 2014

Signs of a Person under the spirit of mammon

Both the unsaved and saved can be under the spirit of mammon. Do not be deceived! An unsaved person can only serve mammon because it is not part of his nature to submit to God in any way (Romans 8:7). However, the Christian can most definitely yield to the temptations of mammon just as he can yield to the temptations of satan. This is what is means for a Christian to be under the spirit of mammon.

The signs of a person being under the spirit of mammon are:

  1. The person does not understand the spirit of mammon. This is because he or she is blinded by it and therefore cannot see it.
  2. The person reacts whenever being confronted with being told that they are under the spirit of mammon, or being told that they may be under it. This is not the person themselves reacting, but the spirit of mammon reacting.
  3. The person is self-satisfied with the abundance that they have. This is especially the case with many Christians today. They are happy with having a family, a well-paying job, security, romance and other financial benefits. They treat this to be not by God's grace, but that which God has to give them because of their obedience. They become very offended when told that they are not entitled to what they have, but that God gives them what they have only by His grace. God is absolutely justified in taking away all they have as He did to Job. No human deserves anything from God, whether it is spiritual, or material. 
  4. The person is apathetic towards the needs of the poor, needy, sick and oppressed. This is because he or she has no love or a lack of love, in the case of the Christians for others. He or her love is limited, but  exists. He or she may speak about helping the poor but does so in a legalistic or condescending way.
  5. The person seeks to defeat only the earthly political goals of the unsaved without preaching the Gospel to them. This is especially the case with Christians who are actively fighting against abortion, euthanasia or homosexual "marriage", but fail to even seek to understand what usury is. They sweep the issue of usury and poverty under the carpet, provoking my ire.
  6. The person believe that a human political or economic ideology is needed to "save" the economy, and thinks that change is possible if people just behaved better.
  7. The person is concerned only about current affairs and speaks only about current affairs. Such people also often like to argue with those who disagree with them about political matters. 
  8. The person feels as though they need to earn more money. This is usually manifested in careerism. However, a person need not be a careerist, or even an unsatisfied person to be under the spirit of mammon.
  9. The person feels insecure as to their 'basic needs'. They believe that there is a certain "basic" level of their needs must be met to be satisfied.
  10. The person is offended and disturbed by differences in pay, tax benefits and financial benefits from others. This is envy. He or she thinks that one is entitled to the money and possessions one has.