Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Letter Evangelism: My Gospel Letter to Volley Australia

The Australian Christian Lobby sought to wage a campaign against Volley Australia for their pornographic advertisement to express disappointment. So, I decided to write a letter to Volley to express love to them by witnessing to them. It is as follows:

I write this not to express outrage or anger, but with love and care for the people behind the Volley advertisement, the subject of the complaint.

I write this because the people behind the campaign need to know (which they already do), that God exists, and that He will judge all of us for all the things each of us has done. They are included. The promotion of sexual immorality, which is what the Bible, the Word of God, calls it. The issue here is not what I or any other person thinks about it. Rather, it is what God, before Whom all of us will stand, thinks.

Sexual immorality and the approval and support of it is a sin, the breaking of God's Moral Law. Because it is a sin against God, and God is the ultimate Moral Lawgiver, anyone who practices these sins will justly be condemned by God. That just condemnation is eternity in Hell. That is why I write this - to warn the people behind the campaign about God's just wrath against what they have done.

But, God so loved the world, that He sent His One and Only Son, Jesus Christ to die for their sins. This was no small sacrifice. It was the ultimate sacrifice, and the ultimate act of love. It works like this: you broke God's Moral Law, Jesus Christ paid your fine. So, this means that when you will stand before God, He can dismiss His case against you.

So, if you turn from all your sins, and place your faith in Jesus Christ, and Him alone, God will save you from His wrath. This is a free gift from God. There is no other way to escape His wrath, except by humbling yourself, turning from your sin and trusting in Jesus Christ. Doing good works, or refraining from doing bad things will not enable you to escape from God's wrath.

One may think that engaging in sexual activity with someone, as long as there is consent is love. Perhaps you might think that. But, this is based on the illusion that sex is love, and love is sex. But I would like to kindly and gently tell you that if a person engages in sex with you, without a real commitment, that person does not love you. He or she, despite what he or she tells you, does not really truly love you. This is because sex was not designed (by God) to be outside of marriage, but only within marriage. It is only within marriage can sex be with true real commitment, because of the commitment that each party to the marriage makes to the other, to be bound to the person to the rest of his or her life.

So, I plead with you, please turn from your sin and put your faith in Jesus Christ today. I urge you to do so while you still have time.

Love from
[my name]

So, please pray that they will read this letter in full, that God will bind satan and his angels to stop them from snatching the seed of the Gospel from their heartts, and to stop them from stopping them from being draw to Jesus Christ. Please pray that God will soften their hearts, so that they may come to repentance and faith.