Wednesday, 22 February 2017

On What Love is and What Love is NOT

The modern evangelical Church in the west thinks that love is to be "nice" and manifests itself in a timid, weak way, under a false guise gentleness and graciousness. They equate "cultural sensitivity"  with gentleness and graciousness. Anyone behaving in a way that is different to what they think is the "culture" they are trying to reach out to is to be "ungentle" and "ungracious" just because of being different. Just making me think about them makes me so infuriated.

They think that boldly speaking against sin is not love. Love can be bold, and it is unfortunate that these evangelifish think that love cannot manifest in boldly confronting sin, head on. They really hinder others in their evangelism when they not only seek to spread their false doctrines of gentleness, but impose it on others.

Ironically, whenever one challenges their false thinking on evangelism, they became aggressive and angry, as if the evangelical industrial complex rules of "cultural sensitivity" not longer applies all of a sudden.

Is there any wonder why some pastors and theologians just want to scream and shout at evangelicals? It seems like I am not the only one.