Tuesday, 26 December 2017

The Evils of the Doctrine of Equality is Not an Excuse for Ethnocentrism of Ethnonationalism. Do not be deceived

The concept of rights, equality, and liberty are all false doctrines. There is no such thing as anyone's rights, equality or liberty. That is clear.

However, some  in response to these evils, and being rightly concerned about such evils, seek to fight such evils by another evil. They fight the evils of equality by promoting ethnonationalism and ethnocentrism. They being so worried about the evils of the doctrines of equality seek to promote ethnonationalism and ethnocentrism. This is indeed the devil's trap, where he uses people standing for two different evils to fight each other, and deceive people into thinking that does not support one side, such as equality, one must support the other, such as ethnonationalism.

These people typically love to use the Old Testament verses to justify racism. They love to intimidate people with their so-called Bible 'knowledge' about the Old Testament and its implications for today. 

Such people also love to point out how various evil movements, such as feminism, the homosexual agenda, and now the transgender agenda, as well as religious pluralism, are all the result of opposing ethnonationalism and ethnocentrism, that is, racism. That is an extremely asinine argument. 

Firstly, race and sex cannot be equated as the same things by which the same principles apply. They are not totally different from each other, in that people of all races and both sexes are human beings created in the image of God and loved by God, with God-given dignity: "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them" (Genesis 1:27). The entire family of humankind, irrespective of ethnicity or skin colour, was perpetuated from Adam (Genesis 1:28). 

Yet, race and sex are different enough such that they are not to be equated together on many counts.  While there is a such thing as different roles assigned to man and woman respectively, and distinctions between the sexes, as designed by God, there is no such thing as 'racial' roles, differing authority of different ethnicities, or distinction by design between different ethnicities. None. Galatians 3:28 makes it clear that there is no such distinction between different ethnicities.

Opposing ethnocentrism or ethnonationalism does not make one a feminist, whether secular or 'christian' feminist, as these 'christian' ethnonationalists make it out to be. Nor does it even lay the groundwork for feminism as these heretics are so worried and anxious about. They argue that saying that Galatians 3:28 eradicates distinction between ethnicities is to do away with the gender roles as prescribed by the Bible. 

Such argument is a flawed one, as ethnicity and gender cannot be equated. Simply because one argues that Galatians 3:28 eradicates distinctions between different ethnicities, does not means one is arguing that it eradicates the distinct roles of man and woman respectively. Galatians 3:28 refers to worldly distinctions made between people of different ethnicities, social status and sex, based on human measures, as opposed to God's measures. It does not pertain to distinctions by design. So, equating the treatment of Galatians 3:28 as eradicating distinctions between different ethnicities to the eradication of God-prescribed gender roles is wrong.

Secondly, the use of the doctrine of equality to justify evil does not make ethnonationalism or ethnocentrism justified. It is tragic this even needs to be said, but there are professing Christians out there who point to evil movements based on false equality to justify ethnonationalism and ethnocentrism. It is one thing to support equality in a sense in the context of ethnicity. Such equality is that there is only one race being the human race, created in the image of God. It is another to use this noble and pure concept of equality and pervert it into a false, humanistic and demonic notion of equality used to support feminism, the homosexual agenda, transgender agenda, and religious pluralism.

Not surprisingly, they are typically white supremicists who believe in western superiority and cannot even acknowledge to the slightest the evils that the west has committed against the non-western world. They are so blind to the evils the west has committed that they assume that all the problems in the west are caused by anyone but the west itself. The most obvious evidence of this thinking is their simplistic assumption that all problems in the west are caused by immigrants, especially muslim immigrants. They target muslim immigrants, just because they oppose them ideologically, culturally and politically. 

They love to point out how wicked the liberals, feminists and multiculturalists are. But they themselves are at least just as wicked, and most dishonest about their wickedness than these progressives.  This is not to praise or give credit to these evil progressives, but they are more honest about their wickedness. They simply state their evil stance on issues of morality without trying to hid it. 

These supposed ethnonationalist conservative 'christians', however, justify their racism, by saying that because people pervert equality in dignity to support evil agenda, they need to support ethnonationalism to be righteous. They claim they are not racist, but rather, are seeking to 'fight evil', all while promoting evils themselves. They affirm on the surface all the right stands, but seek to justify evil as well as such righteousness, while negates all their righteousness, for light and darkness, righteousness and wickedness have nothing in common (2 Corinthians 6:14). As long as there is some darkness or wickedness in the midst of light or righteousness, there can be no such light or righteousness. 

Do not be deceived. Ethnationalism or ethnocentrism is racism. It is make worldly distinctions between people based on their ethnicity, measuring them according to human standards. There is no excuse or justification for racism whatsoever.