Sunday, 25 March 2018

Christ is the ONLY and ULTIMATE Blessing

Many in the modern Church think that they are so "blessed" because they have a house, spouse, car, dream career, take regular holidays and have plenty of disposable income. That itself a tragic indictment of the Church.

What do all these things mean if you live a life not worthy of Christ? Nothing. It is just vanity of vanities. These things where they tempt you to love the world, or your own life more than Christ are just curses to you.

None of these things are blessings in themselves. They may be manifestations of God's favour, but they are not in and of themselves blessings. It is Jesus who is not only the ultimate blessing, but the only one. Without using all that God graciously bestows upon you for Jesus Christ, to serve Christ and your fellow man, all the so-called "blessings" you have are not blessings. They are just empty vain curses.

Your own very life is just vanity of vanities, a vain curse to you where it is not worthy of Christ. For God gave you a life, which is a gift, but you lived it for your own treasure and pleasure, as opposed to for Christ. What was given to you as a gift will be a curse to you where it is used for yourself, your own pride, and your own glory, as opposed to for Christ.

To Hell with all your so-called earthly "blessings" which become a curse to you, including your honorable things like marriage and family, if you love them more than Christ.