Saturday, 26 October 2013

The Heart of Capitalism

The Church is becoming increasingly commercialised in the modern world. This is because Mammon has swept through the Church, and it is increasing its grip on the Church. Many churchgoers are money slaves who treat their job and anything else first, anything about God. This should be of great concern to Christians who truly serve God.  The Bible commands us to serve God, not money (Mammon), and that one cannot serve both masters. However, many Christians ignore this teaching and serve Mammon instead.

The whole global financial system runs on charging interest on loans, a manifestation of capitalism. Capitalism is ideology that whoever has capital can use it to make as much gain as one wants by using the demands of others for what one has. It is not the free market itself. Capitalism is based on human materialism and possessiveness – that humans not God, own what they have. This is against Biblical teaching that everything on Earth is owned by God. It has encouraged people to worship money and serve money. The whole system is evil. People make money by charging interest on loans. Money in the modern world has become a means of enslaving other people.
The answer is NOT Marxism. Mammon is a spirit. Distributing wealth will not eliminate or change this spirit. Those who think that Christians should be economically “left wing” are gravely mistaken.  The “left” side of politics is not concerned with caring for the poor at all. It is merely angry at others who have more than them out of pure envy. This is not to say the economic “right” is better or good. The left –right dichotomy is a psychological tool used to label people who oppose one’s view as dangerous or not to be trusted. What is purported to part of the left wing and right wing of politics respectively, are not necessarily consistent with each other. Therefore, there is no reason why people should be one side of politics in order to uphold moral law.