Monday, 28 October 2013

What Liberalism Really Is

Liberalism is the ideology that people can choose to do whatever they like as long as others do not feel hurt. This is often expressed as “people can do whatever they like as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody”. However, whether or not people get hurt or feel hurt, an act that is immoral is objectively and universally immoral. Morality is not dependent on culture, race, country or ideology. Liberalism knows no objective and universal moral standards. Liberal indoctrination has lead to cultural and moral relativism that is now the only acceptable ideology in the West. Any ideology or proposition which promotes moral absolutism is deemed to be bigoted. Modern universities are a propaganda tool for liberalism. Students are punished for speaking against liberal ideologies like feminism, homosexual radicalism and socialism. Anyone with alternatives views is attacked for being a conservative, backwards, authoritarian and regressive reactionary.