Sunday, 28 September 2014

The Heart of Capitalism: Unmasking its Real Face

Many people, both the unsaved and Christians, think that capitalism is the best way to generate wealth, and treat generating wealth as a 'right' or as a 'given'. However, what many people do not see, or fail to bother to care, is the morality and ethics of capitalism. Capitalism is challenged by the unsaved for political and economic reasons, but rarely, if ever, for its morality and ethics.

Capitalism seems to be kind, because of the wealth it generates and its ability to lift millions out of poverty. Indeed, this is most starkly demonstrated China's conversion from an economically communist state, to a capitalist one. The real question though, is not what are the consequences of capitalism, but what underlies the ideology of capitalism, that determines whether it is moral. 

The question as to what values underlie the idea of capitalism itself has been challenged, twisted and repackaged into one that seeks to determine its morality in terms of its consequences. However, such repackaging can be easily dismantled and does not stand up to Biblical moral scrutiny. In addition to this, to often has the question been twisted to be one of capitalism versus communism. Such is a false dichotomy, often made in a attempt to question the morality of capitalism, because neither provides a set of standards upon which its absolute rightness or wrongness can be determined. Only the Bible provides a set of standards that can determine the absolute moral value of something.

Capitalism is driven by the desire to gain, which underlies the whole "need" for prosperity generated through owing another debts. Such debt can be in the form of interest on a loan, stock market shares or government bonds. This pursuit of gain itself is seen as "right" because it satisfies the person's desire - to material earthly possessions. People accumulate more earthly things, and in doing so, incur debt that they cannot repay. The spirit of mammon seduces them to be enslaved to the false meaningless, and ultimately damning pursuit of prosperity.

However, many do not even understand that 'pursuit of prosperity' means, both the unsaved and Christians, in particular, the Christians. As long as one is attempting to serve mammon, while neglecting, ignoring, marginalising, or trying to make excuses to serve God wholeheartedly, they are in the pursuit of prosperity. No one can serve both God and mammon. One will hate one and love the other (Matthew 6:24). The pursuit of prosperity is to pursue earthly possession as one's own, as opposed to relying and trusting that God will provide. Thus, as long as one is lacking the slightest bit of trust in God to provide, one is under the spirit of mammon.

This spirit is the one that wields power, controls, dominates and hold to bondage countless souls to serving debt, and has seduced people to think that capitalism will provide prosperity, wealth and riches - all of which are illusions and have no Eternal value.