Monday, 29 September 2014

Why Capitalism Prevails Even When it Fails

Capitalism have enslaved countless to debt, but yet it still prevails. Thus, the question to be asked is why? It has enslaved many, increased inequality and justifies irresponsible lending of banks which always win over the bank customers, forcing them to pay for the banks. Why?

It is of the spirit of mammon that the world can only serve, or for Christians, are only too tempted to serve. It assures people that paying debt for the sake of purchasing things is normal and legitimate, because after all, they are obtaining their basic 'needs'. Humans fall in lust for the eyes and flesh, thinking only how their material needs will provide security.

It also assures people that paying debt is good because it shows how rich one, appealing to the pride of life. As such, people borrow more money, manifested in anxiety and ultimately a lack of trust in God. The root of this is pride which mammon works through.

Capitalism's evil twin sister is the humanistic doctrine of democracy. Democracy whispers in the ears of both the saved and unsaved that they are entitled to what they want or what they perceive to need. People, in their hatred of God, trust in democracy instead of God