Monday, 4 April 2016

The True Purpose of Money is to Use Money For God's Purpose, Will and Glory

We live in a world which thinks itself better than God and knows how to live in its own way, which even thinks it can define its own 'truth'. As such, in thinking itself wise, it makes itself foolish (Romans 1:22) on all manner of things. One such way it makes itself foolish is thinking it knows what the purpose of money is and defining it for itself. The fruits of such arrogant foolishness are all the economic problems the world has faced, time and time again throughout history which always repeats itself.

The world thinks that money is a good in itself that is to be strived for. It thinks that money is to be loved because money will give them earthly comfort and security. What an evil world! Such darkened thinking manifests in the quest for never-ending economic growth, indifference to the financial problems of others, and the belief that there is nothing wrong with making profit for its own sake. 

The true purpose of money is not to make profit for its own sake out of money (Deuteronomy 24:14-15; Matthew Matthew 6:24-25, 10:8; James 5:1-6). This can be inferred from number Bible verses which instruct a person that he must be equitable in paying his workers their wages, and that money is not only an idol, but an idol which exercises mastery over the idolator. However, not only is money not to be made for profit out of its own sake, but simply to be used as a means of exchange. Money is to be used to exercise stewardship of God's Creation for the glory of God, and God alone (Matthew 25:14-30; Luke 19:11-27). That is, money is not only to not to be used to make profit for its own sake, or even to obtain only legitimate earthly needs. No! It is to be used the way God wants it to be used, for His glory and His purposes alone. It is not to be used for one's own purposes or one's own ways. Not a single cent of the money God gives to oneself is to be spent on what one wants, or for one's purposes!

God gives us money to use for His purposes and His will alone, not our purposes or will. That is the true purpose of money.