Wednesday, 23 August 2017

The Prosperous Vain Life

A man is born
Growing up and maturing
With dreams and aspirations;
Seeking to pursue his dreams
Single-minded in his own dreams,
Full of ambition
For prosperity and security.

He toils all day and night
In all his pursuits;
Day by day he toils
Improving himself for his own glory
Until he succeeds.

A successful man became,
Gaining much wealth, a loving family, and many friends.
"Why" he asks, "do I feel so empty inside?"
Having everything yet nothing;
Having so much, yet so little;
Having all things, but yet nothing;
Having wealth, but yet poverty

For he seeks not God
But his own dreams and visions
His own prosperity and security;
Hating the Lord God who gave him his life,
And every single breath.

Old age comes,
His wealth becoming scarce,
Family members and friends
Decease one by one.

He asks, "what is the point of life?"
All is but an illusion
Man is nothing but an actor on a stage
And like grass
That grows up tall, and dies the next day.
Indeed, "what is life?"
Asks the wise man who counsels him.
"True life is this:

To seek the will of God,
Recognising one's sin before God,
And God's just wrath for his sin

Knowing one cannot be right with Him without Jesus Christ
Who died for the sins of the whole world,
Paying the price for our sin
So, trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ alone".

So, the old man repented of his sins.
Though he be poor,
He was rich
As he sought the will of God
And not his own dreams or ambitions,
Laying up treasures in Heaven.

Treasure that will never rot,
Treasure that will never diminish,
Treasure than can never be stolen.

Indeed, vanities of vanities,
All is vanity,
But for true treasure in Heaven,
Which comes by truly obeying and trusting the Lord God,
And never looking back.