Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Christians under the Spirit of Mammon

Money is not evil – the love of money (greed) is evil and sinful. The free market is simply the best system we have in a fallen world to allow for the free exchange of goods and services in the most efficient and fair manner. That this system can be abused is true of everything on earth: we are all fallen, so everything we do will not be perfect. So in a fallen world there is no perfect political or economic system. End of story. We seek to make do with the best that fallen men can utilise, guided and aided by God and his word. Capitalism of course is not evil. Its misuse can make it become evil, but on biblical grounds it is the best economic system we can adhere to in a fallen world, affirming as it does such biblical principle as private property and ownership, economic growth, voluntary exchange, and so on. - A theologian and a Bible college teacher

Yes, it is true that money is not evil and that the free market is the best system in the fallen world. It is because of greed and that humans are selfish that the capitalism, which is needed for a free market, thrives. Capitalism has the spirit of mammon, that is, greed behind it.