Sunday, 29 December 2013

Twisting the Bible to Justify Humanistic Democracy

So you understanding of what democracy is, is way off the mark. It is the least sinful system of government in a fallen world, and does the most to allow freedom, deny the usurping of power and the misuse of government, and make for freedom of religion and conscience. The fact that humanists like Obama and Gillard are trying to hijack democracies for their own evil purposes says nothing about democracy itself. In the same way plenty of people are trying to hijack Christianity for their own evil purposes. By your flawed reasoning, Christianity is evil, because it is being misused and abused by others.

Nowhere does God command a theocracy in the New Testament. You are simply wrong there. God leaves things open as to how we are to govern ourselves, as spelled out in places like Romans 13. There we read of general principles and minimal requirements of what a just government should do. So there is no clear NT blueprint for government, but only general principles which I have already spoken about. And the church is not ancient Israel, nor is modern day secular Australia or America. - A theologian and Bible college lecturer

Democracy is anti-Christian because it teaches people that people are sovereign, and hence that laws are to be made according to the people's will, not God's will. It is not how it is applied that makes democracy anti-Christian - it is against the Bible. God tells us that laws are to be made according to His will as He is Sovereign. Therefore, his analogy about Christianity his is using to show the "flawed" reasoning is the one that is flawed. 

This "religious" person is twisting the Bible to justify his own views that come from his flesh. He is like many Christians who are pro-democracy because it serves the people's will.