Tuesday, 31 December 2013

What are Humanism and Liberalism to do with Democracy and Capitalism?

Of course humanism and liberalism and Marxism are wrong, but what does that have to do with this current discussion [about democracy and capitalism]? - theologian and Bible college lecturer. All bold text are mine.

Democracy is a product of humanism and liberalism. Hence, the call for more rights and freedom to maintain a democracy, because that is what a democracy is: serving the interests of humankind to do as one chooses, not as God commands. 

With regards to Marxism, I was never promoting Marxism. I was merely contrasting it to capitalism, that Marxism is also materialistic but seeks to prevent the rich from exploiting the poor. 

To the person asking the question above, you are the one who is interpreting the Bible to suit your own interests. You are under the spirit of mammon, liberalism and humanism, the ideologies you criticise yourself.