Friday, 14 March 2014

Separation of Church and State: A Tool used by Atheists to Shun Religion

The original intention of separation of Church and state was to ensure that the state would not interfere with the Church. Now, it is used to out of fear of children being merely exposed to the history of the Bible or intelligent design at schools, which are not even concerned with religion and spirituality. It is used by the media to 'justify' its intention to denigrate the Church by painting it as evil in the midst of its sex scandal investigations. The media is full of pro-abortionists. Yet, whenever there is a sex scandal concerning children in the Church, those pro-abortion mediacrats all of a suddenly have full sympathy for the children and even grieve with them enough to insist on having a Royal Commission, e.g. Leigh Sales from the ABC (of course). I used watch 7:30, but stopped when I got sick enough to Leigh 'Arrogant and Cocky' Sales. These same people claim to support separation of Church and state, but yet support the state overbearing the Church through some Royal Commission. The whole motive is a hatred of God and His people.