Monday, 17 March 2014

Why the Church has Lost her Moral Authority

Many secularists have the impression that Christians are naive, anti-intellectual and silly people who are not capable of making proper logical arguments. While it is definitely true that these people, particularly the secularist intelligentsia from the ABC, (think Q&A show on ABC) are arrogant and proud by their own accord, one could not blame them for having such an impression. This is because many Christians in Australia claim to have a particular stance on a social issue, but then compromise their values on facing pressure, making Christians look like they have no proper cohesive moral compass that can be said to be true. A classic example would be gay "marriage". Many of these secularists know that Christians are not supposed to support it. Yet, many Christians are so apathetic about it and even sympathise with homosexuals. They say that it is a "legal" issue, not a "faith-issue". Everything is interlinked. Owing to the modern mindset that ideas are separate from actions and behaviour, so many people in general have been mistakenly led to think that one can believe one thing, but do another without acting in a contradictory manner. Don't believe me? Look at how many Christians say they do not support abortion because it is murder, and yet think it is a woman's "right". This is why the Church has lost her moral authority and its image has been scarred. 

There is no such thing as rights whoever they may be attributed to. No one has rights, only God-given responsibilities and gifts. These gifts are not 'rights', but exactly that - gifts. Gifts are given by grace, and no one is entitled to them. No one deserves gifts or anything else. God gave us life not that we have a right to life, but it is out of His grace. That is why he made the rule 'do not murder'. It is to stop people from perverting his ordained order of the world. Interestingly enough, the concept of 'rights' came from the Bible, albeit a twisted concept with some truth and deception in it. That is why it is so dangerous. It is Satan's trap.

Equality and equity are different concepts. Even the unsaved know that equality is political and self-seeking, and that equity has regards to fairness, but not necessarily justice. Equality is about seeking the same "rights", "status" and "opportunity" as others as one perceives fit. It is a false doctrine that does not bring satisfaction and hope to humankind. Look at how countries that place emphasis on equality are no happier, or in fact, far more depressed than people of those who do not fight for "equality". Look at how countries with no emphasis on the fight for "equality" are booming economically, because people are willing to give up their "rights" and "freedoms". Equity, instead is what Christians should be fighting for, such as fighting against dispossession of Indigenous Australians who had their land stolen from them, separated from their families, treated as "sub-human", and were subject to massacres because of their race. Equity has an ​objective standard as to what is right and what is not. Equality does not. Equality is a humanistic doctrine and the worldly equality by its definition can never be achieved because of hate, prejudice, pride and godlessness. 

Secularism is the doctrine that God's ordained order for the world is irrelevant or wrong, and that such an order is to be made by humans to decide for themselves. Many Christians have been seduced by it in seeking friendship from the World.