Saturday, 29 March 2014

The False Notion of Rights

The notion of rights, even God-given rights is false. God does not give "rights", he gives life for people to serve us. Hence, no one has rights, and the Christian especially should not be fighting for one's rights or rights at all. Flush the notion of rights out of your system. It is not about fighting for rights, it is about JUSTICE and TRUTH. So many Christians have been sucked into the whole notion of rights. Everything God made is for Him. God could have struck down any one of us before we became Christians. He could have struck me down and that would be fine because God would be the one sanctioning it. God is the Ultimate Author of Life, and hence we as humans do not have what we love to call our "right" to life and to be free from violence. Rather life is an obligation to follow. The unsaved understand this and those of them who hate life campaign for the "right" to die. By using the (secular) logic of rights, if humans have a right to life, then humans correspondingly have a right to die. Anti-violence and anti-war campaigns in these days always neglect war victims from non-western countries. They are not to be trusted. Human rights groups and any other rights groups operate on a false doctrine. False doctrines are Lucifer's tools to weaken Christians. That is what has happened.