Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Evolution is Heresy

For those of you who say that the conflict between evolution v creation is not a "faith-issue", read the link below. Evolution is a heresy, a lie, and, above all, an insult to God. Christians should not embrace evolution one single bit! It is true that these "pastors" who live the Bible for evolution were false converts, but evolution theory itself is dangerous. It is a threat to the church and thus the church must preach against it. The people who preach evolution are anti-Christs - full stop. That is what they are. They know it is false deep down inside but deceive themselves out of their own WICKEDNESS. Everyone knows God exists and that is why NO ONE has any excuse before God on Judgment Day. These evolutionists will pull people away from God - don't embrace them or associated with them. Evolution, and other false doctrines such a liberalism, feminism, etc deserves CONDEMNATION. They are wicked, sick, depraved, evil conniving people . You may blame satan for it, and yes, they are captives under satan but they CHOOSE to sin. Sin is never God's fault, or anyone else's fault. When we sin, it is our OWN fault and we must CONFESS them by humbling oneself before God. People who say that if they don't see it, they don't believe it are making themselves their OWN "god". This is what those false doctrines essentially are about - idolatry, breaking the first commandment that
"You shall have NO GOD before ME, THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY". This means to accept God's created order of the world regarding everything: nature, gender relations, sexual relations, money, etc. If you look at the modern doctrines you are not only bombarded with at uni, but bashed with at uni, such as feminism, liberalism, democracy, capitalism, etc, they are completely against God. How can a Christian accept them, let alone embrace them?