Monday, 7 April 2014

Following the One Only True Road that Leads to Eternal Life (it is not the comfortable, prosperous one)

Many people in the Church think that as long as they attend Church and do not be a "bad person" in the worldly sense of the word, they are saved. That is what many church-goers think. This is not true. It is the spirit of mammon which tells them that as long as they do "good works" in the worldly human sense of the term, and attend church, God will bless them. This is a FALSE DOCTRINE - the prosperity gospel which I can see sweeping through the Church. Many of them do not even smile or greet fellow church-goers and look away from them in shame. The modern church no different from the world and NEEDS to be EDIFIED. Too many professing Christians think that as long as they tell others about God, they are made right. That is not true. One must truly and earnestly REPENT first and devote one's life to God before one can preach the true Gospel to others. The true Gospel is that people need to repent before the stand condemned before God. Yes, it is true that God loves them, but to say that alone is a half-truth. They need to hear the full truth that they need to truly and earnestly repent.  
The modern Church is laughed at by the secular world because it does not practice what it preaches by emphasising SELF-ESTEEM (that the individual needs to 'feel good') and TOLERANCE (to not tell people of their sins and that they stand guilty before God). This, on the other hand, is not to say that we must to throw pearls of wisdom at swine. God will deal with swine, and it is not up to humans. God will make them fear Him so that they will repent. I can tell you that they are many swine out there. These people adhere to doctrines they know are false and continue to do so steadfastly, typically "religious" people. I have experienced some of them, and they will always argue with you when you point out their false teachings, that is teachings that deviate, even the slightest bit from the Bible. They can only repent when you pray for them that God will bring them to repentance.