Saturday, 5 April 2014

Homosexual Fascism

When the Catholic Church failed to ban usury, an abomination in the eyes of God, the church had lost its power in society to teach goodness and righteousness. As a result, the role of the church wasmarginalised until today. A large part of this is to do with the failure of the church to fulfil its God-given duty. Many of you probably do not even understand why the Church needs to play a bigger role in society. This has nothing to do with saying it needs to get involves in politics and military. Rather, it is because of the fall of the Church that the modern secular state which saw usury to be more legitimate and sees no moral obligation to be bound to that led to the birth of capitalism and the corruption of the modern finance system. The role of government as can be proven by historical observation and as has already been stated in the Bible is to serve as God's earthly authority, yes, even the secular authorities are God-ordained.God gave Julius Caesar the power despite his paganistic ways. The sames goes for the Labor party and the Democrats in US

Similarly, if homosexual "marriage" becomes legalised, I can guarantee you that Churches will be forced to perform homosexual "weddings". Any one who supports gay marriage is an anti-Christ whose real motive is to bully and denigrate the Church. If you do not understand this or agree with this, you MUST BE ASLEEP. You need to WAKE UP!!!!! Homosexuals will come to the church en masse, not to worship God, but to infiltrate it, not to force it to change its values, but to mock God. ​That is why you should absolutely oppose homosexual "marriage". Full stop.