Monday, 14 September 2015

Debt is an Enslaver, not a friend, but a Hater of your Soul

Many people, including many in the modern Church, think that debt is a benevolent friend to a person to advance or assist one's financial needs. They like debt, thinking it helps them get what they need or want, not realising that it is false wealth. They think it is wealth because it enables to get some thing in their hands. Those who think it is false wealth think that at least it is temporary wealth, which is not wrong, because wealth is not wrong. Such are doctrines of demons! Such doctrines have crept into the modern Church.

Debt is unforgiving by its very nature. The purpose of debt itself is to enslave. Debt is a demand for an obligation owed to another. If it forgave and did not enslave, it would not be debt. Debt is bondage itself. It is the tool of the spirit of mammon who is active, and does exist, unlike what many unstable and ignorant people in the modern Church, such as modern evangelicals think. 

Demons exist and do not sit around doing nothing. They are not idle, unlike what humans can be and often are. Anyone who thinks for a moment that demons do not seek to enslave people to sin is an ignorant fool, and deserves to be called such. This is not to be judgmental, but rather, to speak the truth that such persons are ignorant, and perhaps even, unstable, not wanting to accept the existence of real spiritual warfare for whatever reason that is.

Demons are able to enslave people because they follow are their fleshly desires in the case of the unsaved, or become deceived and fall into following such desires without realising in the case of the saved. The spirit of mammon is no different. He enslaves in the most pernicious, devious, evil, and most diabolical ways. He is evil beyond all description. I am eagerly waiting for God to throw him into Hell.

Debt is not only bondage, but it is deceptive. Debt itself places a person in such a position that he is enslaved to earning money for himself, so as to fulfill his moral obligation. It is this moral obligation according to the Moral Law of God, which the spirit of mammon uses to enslave people to serving him. 

The spirit of mammon is very subtle, so subtle that the very thing one might think what he is doing to care for the material needs of others. A person under the spirit of mammon, whether it be living for him, or being deceived by him, in the case of many Christians in their failure to not be anxious for basic earthly needs, sin in their part, is one who thinks that is all legitimate to seek one's needs, as opposed to seeking God. One does not nor cannot seek God by seeking one's needs (See Matthew 6:24-33).

The spirit behind debt, who is the spirit of mammon, feeds on this very anxiety for the fulfillment of one's basic needs, not just mere wants out of one's own greed, but also basic needs, and perhaps even, all the more because they are basic needs, not wants. This is just how subtle he is. Only a person who is fully trusting in God to provide all of his needs can he see the spirit of mammon for who he is. Otherwise, one cannot see him for who he is but be blinded by him because of one's own sin in failing to trust fully in God, and also out of one's own instability and ignorance. 

The only step that the spirit of mammon uses against the unsaved is to simply tempt them with more opportunities to obtain more material things, and make them seem better. This is because they live by the flesh and love the flesh that they are mammon's tool, absolutely dominated by him with having absolutely no idea that they are under him, or even that he exists. Such is the tragic state of the unsaved. The unsaved seek for material things as a fish seeks for water; he is constantly seeking it, for that is what gives him life, and he does not realise this is what he does - the only thing he can do:

Therefore do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For after all these things the Gentiles [the word 'pagans' used in NIV] seek (Matthew 6:31-32). 

As such, for the unsaved to speak about not seeking material things is not only merely useless moralising with no power, for it is, but it is all vanity when he speaks to others about not seeking material things. Only the Church which has received the power of Salvation, can have the ability to not seek after material things. However, of course, many in the true Church in the 21st century, are so mesmerised by the earthly things, in particular, seeking their earthly needs that they do not  even realise. That one cannot see what the spirit of mammon is, is itself a sign that one is under it. Such is the case of many in the modern Church.

For the true Christian, the spirit of mammon works in a more complex, and subtle way. His aim is to blind the Church, and make it useless to serve God. He has been very successful indeed, and is loving the state of the modern Church which is like the Church of Laodicea: 

I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth. Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked: 

I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see. As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent (Revelation 3:15-19).

That people seek after their earthly basic needs, thinking it is legitimate is why people go into debt, with the manner of spirit that it is their "liberty" or their need to do so. Such is the attitude of the Church of Laodicea, thinking they are rich, needing nothing, when they are really poor, blind and naked.   

Wealth not only makes one smug, thinking one is self-sufficient and independent. It makes one blind. This explains the foolishness, ignorance, instability, and just generally psychopathic behaviour of many people today.  The snobby, vile, arrogant, evil, despicable, proud, self-entitled, manipulative, judgmental, controlling and proud of it, jealous, envious, murderous, hate-filled, Hell-deserving, adulterous, wicked, diabolical, indecent young generation of today who are deserving all all wrath that could possibly be, is the evidence of such a truth. The spirit behind wealth seeks such people and because of their multitude of sins, dominates over them.

You may think that you are not the wicked person as described above. That may be true. You may be one who is not wicked in the sense that you truly disapprove of all sensuality, and drunkenness. However, like those who are wicked, you are dominated by the spirit of mammon if you are unsaved, having no knowledge of God, or controlled by him if you allow him to do so, if you are a true convert who thinks that it is legitimate to seek your basic earthly things, and according have "liberty" to do so. 

Debt feeds on such pride, seeking to trap up those who are unsuspecting, not realising their bondage to come through debt, from mammon. You may say that you have the means to pay all your debt. That is not the issue. The issue is your manner of spirit in taking out debt. It may well be that the only way to finance your needs which God has given to you, and not you wanting or seeking it, that you must incur debt. If that is the case, you will need to repay it all off for the wicked do not repay (Psalm 37:21). Thus, the righteous repay all their debts for seeking to repay of all debts is righteousness. This is of course, not to say that all who repay their debts are righteous, for there are many wicked people who do repay their debts, not because they are seeking to repay their debts, but because they are motivated by their vile anxiety, greed and envy for their material things.

The issue is not how much debt one gets into, or whether one gets into debt. The issue is one's heart, in getting into debt. Whether one gets into debt for an ungodly reason for not, debt is enslaves because it forces a person to ensure that one seeks one's basic earthly needs. 

Debt feeds on one's needs or alleged needs, which may not be truly needs. Debt creates more needs (or alleged needs) - the need to repay it all off.  Hence, the cycle of debt arises. Indeed, majority of the people in the world live in poverty because of the cycle of debt which their nation as a result of the demonic, diabolical, usury-loving mammonised global economic and financial system. Their government cannot repay debt owed to other nations, not because they are not trying to repay the debts, but indeed are trying with all their might. Their governments cannot repay because the whole debt-based, usury-based mammonised system runs on debt to provide for the basic needs of the masses. 

The whole global economic and financial system is designed to ensure that neither individuals, families or governments can repay debts, but must take out debt to obtained earthly basic needs. What a vile, demonic, evil, despicable, abominable economic system! It is absolutely evil beyond all description!

Usury, which is charge on debt, increasing debt, is what the whole mammonised system feeds on. Usury is sin in the eyes of God. God hates usury with all wrath, and holy hatred. Usury is the act of manipulating people to keep them in debt slavery. It is greed itself, done out of one's pride, thinking one is entitled to make profit off the slavery of another.  It is not always that people are being greedy that they are in bondage to debt, although in many cases in the hedonistic, materialistic west, that is true. It is that usury itself is a tool to keep people in debt slavery, seeking to make profit of the debt slavery and spiritual bondage of others. It is from a vile, evil heart that loves mammon that one charges usury, loves it, or tolerates it. 

Debt slavery is literal slavery. It is as vile and abominable as human slavery which is the buying and selling of human persons. Debt slavery is itself slavery to mammon, regardless of the amount one is indebted to another, or the circumstances one is in. For those who incur debts because they absolutely no money to obtain their basic needs, not little money, or lower income compared to others, but absolutely no money to obtain their basic needs, the debt they incur still puts them in slavery, even though their heart may not be one enslaved to the spirit of mammon.

If one does not master one's debt, one's debts will master oneself. It is either you who is the master of your debts, or your debts master you. Do not for a moment think that if you have much money, or some money, you are the master of your debts. If you think that you master your debts because you have some money, you are a vile arrogant fool. 

What determines whether one masters one's debts, or whether one's debts masters oneself is one's heart. Those who hearts are truly trusting that God will provide absolutely all of one's needs, not probably provide, or only provide some, but that He will provide absolute all of one's needs will master their debts, regardless of whether they have money, or how much money they have.   All those who do not fully trust that God will provide absolutely all of one's needs, will be mastered by their debts, full of anxiety for earthly needs, and controlled by the spirit of mammon.

Debt is not your friend, but seeks to be your master, to enslave you, whether rich or poor; penniless or not; having full of debts or little debts; saved or unsaved; working or not working. As long as one has debts to pay, one is in spiritual danger from him. Debt, of which the spirit behind it is the spirit of mammon, hates your soul. He is your enemy. 

Trust in God, not debt, the bank, the usurers or the lenders. Trust in God alone.