Sunday, 6 September 2015

The spirit of Mammon and witchcraft works through the False doctrine of Liberty

The world fights for liberty. It speaks and gives a kind of liberty that is sensual, earthly and demonic. It is of earthly, sensual and demonic wisdom as manifested in its wars, conflict and fights, as oppose to true peace.  True wisdom leads to peace (James 3:17-18). Worldly wisdom leads to war, conflict and fights. The spirit of mammon is behind the worldly wisdom of liberty, which feeds on envy and strife. 

The spirit of mammon works through the worldly doctrine of liberty by feeding on the fleshly desire to act in one's way, thriving on envy and strife. This manifests in the envy and strife that people have towards those who they perceive in their eyes to have more earthly freedom and liberty than them. It explains why people lament the earthly freedom and liberty others have, admiring those who are more "liberated" than oneself is, and having worldly sorrow for those who are less "liberated" than oneself is. 

The spirit of mammon in working through the desire for worldly liberty, works with the spirit of witchcraft to hold people in bondage to such a desire. The spirit of mammon seduces people to feel more envious and full of strife. He manipulates them into pursuing such fleshly desires, the love of having envy and strife. He works with the spirit of witchcraft to blind the person into thinking she or he is liberated through acting in one's rebellion against God. For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft (1 Samuel 15:23). Such a person is blinded, of course, ultimately, because of his or her worldly carnal thinking that rebellion against God is liberty, not merely out of his hatred of God, but also his love of hating God. It is because of this that the spirit of mammon and witchcraft manipulate him.

Worldly liberty is liberty to satisfy one's envy and strife through rebellion against God. The spirit of mammon feeds on the desire to indulge in envy and strife. This manifests in selfish ambition, ungodly, selfish fear of oppression by others, and uncompromising righteousness which fights all evil liberty. Those who are under the spirit of mammon and are rebellious, loving all evil liberty, hate those who are righteous for "they that forsake the law praise the wicked: but such as keep the law contend with them" (Proverbs 28:4). 

The spirit of mammon blinds people into thinking that they deserve more sympathy because they are more "oppressed" - meaning that they have less earthly worldly liberty. He blinds them into thinking they are "oppressed" when they do not have as much as others, when, of course, they do not deserve anything in the first place since all of us deserve to burn in Hell. He works through the lust of the flesh which loves worldly sympathy shown towards it for being less able to enjoy earthly things, and the pride of life which comes from it.

In pursuing such lusts, such people love to not only cause others to stumble, but seek to make others approve of their wickedness. They shall not sleep until the righteous not only tolerate, but approve of their wickedness. This is the manifestation of the spirit of witchcraft.  

Such is how the spirit of mammon and witchcraft works through the doctrine of liberty.