Monday, 28 December 2015

Political Correctness and Self-defined "truth" is a Manifestation of the spirit of Witchcraft

There is nothing new under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1:9). Indeed, there is nothing new under the sun. Witchcraft is often thought of as an ancient craft, practiced only by mentally and emotionally unstable and ignorant people. However, nothing can be further from the truth. 

Witchcraft is rampant in the modern west, in more 'enlightened' and 'sophisticated' ways. Instead of rubbing magic charms and hugging trees, witchcraft now manifests itself in manipulation of thought by language and speech. It is now more obvious, but yet more subtle. It is all around us in the advertisements, media, academia, business world, politics and culture. Yet it is subtle because it is invisible, and can only be discerned spiritually, and not by observation of rituals, rites and superstitious dances. 

The spirit of witchcraft feeds on the desire to control and manipulate others for one's own self-interest. This explains why witchcraft religions are often, if not always, nature-worshipping. They seek to control and manipulate nature for their own benefit, feeding their desire for wisdom and power, but apart from God. 

The spirit of witchcraft manifests in political correctness which is rampant in the western media, academia, political arena and culture. Political correctness has nothing to do with being inclusive or respectful. This is part of its deception which fools many people, including many Christians in the west. No! 

Political correctness is the deliberate perversion of truth. Those who are politically correct do not value truth and hate truth, seeking only to distort truth. However, they cannot see that they are distorting truth and in doing so, seeking to control and manipulate others for their own self-interest, because they are blinded by the spirit of witchcraft. They do not realise that distorting truth is itself manipulation for in their pride, they are blinded into thinking that they can change truth and make it whatever they want it to be. 

Such thinking has even crept into the Church, as manifested by Christians in the west who think that if something offends them personally, that make it wrong, since they determine their "own" 'truth'. This is itself to redefine truth, and blaspheme God in thinking that one even has a "right" to claim one's "own" truth. It is blasphemous because it itself to deny what Jesus said when He said that He is THE Truth (John 14:6). What this means is that not only that only He is Truth, but that only He can define truth. No one else can define truth and claim that what he says is true because he thinks it. Such is the height of all arrogance.

Witchcraft is a sin (1 Samuel 15:23). It is a manifestation of a desire to control and manipulate others, itself an evil desire for it is of utter self-love. Witchcraft gains her power over others through deception. Political correctness and self-defined "truth" is a clear example of witchcraft.