Saturday, 26 March 2016

Crisis Pregnancy Centers are Not the Answer to Abortion

Crisis pregnancy centres are extremely deceptive and themselves deceived about what they do. 

They are not truly helping women and their babies. They advise a woman about her "options" about what to do in a "crisis pregnancy". Those options include child-murder, known by that disgusting, vile euphemism "abortion".

Instead of telling her to repent of her vile, disgusting, evil, despicable, abominable sin of abortion, they tell her that it is an 'alternative', which she may and may not choose, depending on her the best "choice" for her. 

Crisis pregnancy centres are an abomination to God, by their wicked foolish counsel in making abortion out to be an 'alternative', or 'choice', or simply, and more deceptively, merely a negative 'choice' she will regret, but not SIN. Their failure to rebuke these people who already commit the sin of abortion by even considering it, is itself to approve of abortion. Their "good works" are an abomination to God.