Sunday, 6 March 2016

Why the Modern Western Church Cannot Fight Usury

The modern western Church is not in the position to fight usury. What this means is not that it should not, but that it cannot. It should be fighting usury for it is a vile sin (Ezekiel 18:13; Luke 6:34). 

Usury is not merely the fruit of greed, but much more than that. It is the ultimate epitome of blaspheming God and perversion of generosity which God intends the whole of humanity to be . It perverts generosity by making lending of money one in which a person has a 'right' to expect gain in return for lending his money. That is exactly what the perversion of usury is. 

However, the vast majority of Christians, that is, true Bible-believing, orthodox, evangelical, conservative Christians in the west believe that usury is legitimate. They themselves are enslaved to mammon through their indebtedness to banks, the modern temple of mammon. They do not even think twice about borrowing money, especially from banks. This should shock you!

By being indebted, one is enslave to mammon. Such is the case of many in the modern western Church. That is why it cannot fight usury, or even understand the spiritual and moral problem with usury, let alone rise up to fight and abolish usury.