Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Earthliness Manifests in Apathy and Lack of Zeal in Fight Against Evil for Christ's Sake

The modern Western Church, including the modern Australian Church is apathetic. She is apathetic about fighting evil, and when she does, she uses all manner of fleshy means to fight evil. This is the case with the culture wars in America waged by American conservative Christians who use the arms of the flesh in fighting the evils of our age, whether it be by the use of earthly humanistic arguments to prove how evil such evils are, or by relying on earthly policy and law to fight evil. Such is the fleshliness of the modern western Church. 

The Australian Church is no different. She is full of nothing but apathy. She is full of the fear of people. She is hostile towards all hard Biblical rebuke of wickedness of the unsaved. Instead of supporting and encouraging preachers who preach hard, unadulterated and pure Biblical truth,  and who rebuke sinners with such truth, she opposes such preachers. How? She feels uncomfortable and upset about it, not because of its 'lack' of mercy and graciousness as she would like to make it out to be, but because she herself is full of the fear of people. She expresses his unease at such truthful pure and unadulterated preaching, by wincing at such preaching, whinging that it is "unloving", "ungracious", "unmerciful" and "ungentle". Such is her foul, vile, disgusting mouth, who speaks as a rebellious woman. They do nothing to advance the Kingdom of God, except to hinder those who are truly seeking to advance the Kingdom of God. That is the only thing such Christians do.

This feeling of unease for such reasons is itself a sin. It is to esteem the ways of people, fleshly people and be respecters of them, siding with them, instead of God. You may say, how do such Christians side with those vile sinners? By not preaching the pure, unadulterated truth unreservedly, and unapologetically. To not preach the truth unreservedly and unapologetically is itself sin (Leviticus 19:11; James 5:12; 2 Timothy 4:2) . Rather, such Christians preach truth, if they even preach pure unadulterated truth at all, with apology to sinners. That itself is to be ashamed of God, you vile, disgusting, abominable fools!

Such Christians are looking at the things of man, rather than the things of God, which explains why they have such a fleshly mindset in fighting wickedness and seeking righteousness and justice.

To such Christians, when Jesus said to Peter "Get thee behind me, Satan: thou art an offence unto me: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of me" (Matthew 16:23), He is referring to you too, you who are full of the fear of people, and rely on the arms of the flesh in fighting the evils of our age and in preaching the Gospel.

Such apathy in fighting evil is the manifestation of being under the spirit of mammon, finding security and comfort in earthly things, such as one's job or family. Yes, family is one thing which people seek earthly security in, and find earthly satisfaction in. Many of you seek earthly security in your family, without realising it. 

What is hindering the modern Western Church for truly fighting evil in the truly Biblical way is its love of comfort and security in such earthly things, including their own families, So, instead of seeking to actively and zealously fight the evils of our age by bring the Gospel in conflict with such evils, they are at peace with the world by failing to wage war against such evils by bringing the Gospel in conflict with the evils of our age. 

We as the Church are very good at simply dismissing the unsaved as earthly. We love to say how earthly the unsaved are in thinking ourselves so holy and righteous, being full of contempt for the unsaved. However, we as the Church ourselves have often been earthly by taking comfort and security in earthly things, such as job security or the stability of our families. To enjoy such comfort and security is itself earthliness, which is the  manifestation of the spirit of mammon.