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The spirit of competition Feeds on the Desire to Rejoice in the Calamity of Others

Rejoice not when thine enemy falleth, and let not thine heart be glad when he stumbleth: Lest the Lord see it, and it displease him, and he turn away his wrath from him (Proverbs 24:17-18).

God hates those who rejoice in the calamity of others. Rejoicing in the calamity of others is a vile, wicked evil sin. It is all too easy that think of oneself as one who does not rejoice in the calamity of others because one does not mock, or scoff one's enemies who fall into calamity. However, rejoicing in the calamity of others is very subtle, like all other sins. It is especially subtle because of how easy it is to mix truths, and half-truths, and to use truths and pervert them to justifying one's rejoicing in the calamity of others. 

Those who rejoice in the calamity of others are not only proud, vile, arrogant, wicked. They are full of self-righteousness, manifesting in the belief that one is justified to laugh at the calamity,  in not only thinking oneself to be righteous in thinking that that person deserved calamity more than them, but in seeking to justify one's desire to be better than others. This explains why those who rejoice in the calamity of others are always seeking to compare themselves with others, and compete with them in whatever they put their trust in, or find satisfaction in, whether it be money, respect from others, relationships, status, jobs, or family. They are not only seeking to be better than others in whatever they seek to find satisfaction in. They love to compete with others because its feeds cruelty which is a desire of the flesh, and is not from God. 

Such cruelty is a manifestation of not merely self-centrednesss, but self-centredness which is full of envy, which is not only unable to be satisfied, but can only but seek to be self-centred and envious. This desire of cruelty which is of self-centredness which is full of envy, can only seek to grow in its appetite for more of this poisonous, envious self-centredness. Not all self-centredness is envious. However, cruelty is. It is an especially dangerous type of self-centredness, absolutely toxic to the soul. It is because of this insatiable appetite of cruelty for more cruelty itself that "he that is cruel troubleth his own flesh" (Proverbs 11:17). This is in contrast to the merciful man in Proverbs 11:17 who "doeth good to his own soul".

The spirit of competition, which is of the spirit of mammon feeds on such envious self-centredness, which not only loves self-centredness, but is insatiable for the desire to be full of envious self-centredness which manifests in cruelty. The spirit of competition seduces people to not merely to envy, but to rejoice in the calamity of others as it feeds on the desire for one to satisfy one's own desires, while despising others when their own desires are satisfied. 

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