Friday, 22 July 2016

Does Being Made in the Image of God really give Humanity its “Rights”?

Many in the modern Church in the west are so influenced by the vile, evil, wicked, demonic, despicable humanistic thinking of their western humanist counterparts that they do not even realise it. One such manifestations of such vile thinking is their belief that being made in the image of God gives one one’s (so-called) “rights”. 

Imagine a person is being given a car by his parents. His parents choose to give it to him because it pleased them. The child then thinks he can do whatever he chooses with the care, and use it to demand from the parents what he wants. His parents ask him to drive them to places where they want to go and he refuses. When his parents want to borrow the car, he does not allow them to do so, the car that they gave to him. You may say, “how vile is that!” Exactly. That is exactly what you do to God when you argue that you can do whatever you choose, and even dare think you have “rights”. You not only pervert the gift of life God has given to you when you even think you have “rights”, but blaspheme God Himself when you claim you have “rights”, because you are made in the image of God.

No where in the Bible does it ever say that humanity has “rights” because it was created in the image of God. No where! Don’t you dare think you have “rights”. God is not obliged to create you, or give you life. That is exactly why there is no such thing as a “right”. 

The doctrine of “rights” comes from the enlightenment era, proposed by anti-Christian philosophers who are now burning in Hell, for all their vile, despicable, evil, abominable sins, including their attack on God by promoting the satanic idea of “rights”. 

Life is a gift from God, totally and absolutely undeserved. The only thing you deserve is to burn in Hell, God’s just wrath for the sins you have committed against Him (Romans 5:12, 18-20; Revelation 20:13). Just as salvation is a gift, so are all good things from God (James 1:17), including life.