Thursday, 29 December 2016

Yes, Jesus did talk a Great Deal about Mammon or Money. Those who deny it or either Biblically Iliterate or Absolute Evil

Many in the modern western Church deny that the Bible talks about mammon to a significant extent. These jokers say it is a "minor" issue. There are very few things which repulses me than this claim. The idea that mammon in the Bible is a "minor" issue is just absolutely repulsive. From such people I cut myself off from! Although they may be true converts who may be mistaken, this does not detract from the absolute repugnancy of this claim.

The following verses are those where Jesus spoke about mammon:

Matthew 6:19-34
Mark 10:17-30 
Luke 6:34
Luke 12:13-34
Luke 16:19-31
Luke 18:1-8
Luke 18:8-30 

I strongly encourage you to read all these passages. Then come back and tell me whether you still think that mammon is a minor issue which the Bible does not really speak about.