Monday, 23 July 2018

False Teaching is Itself Spiritual Abuse

False teaching is itself a form of spiritual abuse. It is abuse because it leads people into spiritual bondage, which leads to pain and suffering, owing to the error in false teaching. It damages people spiritually, as well as emotionally, mentally and psychologically because it causes people to fall out of the Will of God, by means of deception. That is why false teaching is so abominated by God. 

That is why Apostle James said that those who desire to teach are held to greater account: My brethren, be not many masters, knowing that we shall receive the greater condemnation (James 3:1).

Anyone false teacher, especially one who constantly airs his or her teachings, despite being so obviously erroneous, is an abuser. 

Show me a false teacher, and I will show you an abusive person, who is full of hate, pride, arrogance and all manner of wickedness. 

He cares not about the suffering that he causes to others, as long as it helps his agenda. 

He is full of shameful disregard of brothers and sisters in Christ as he is not one of Jesus Christ's sheep, and commits all kinds of shameful acts in secret. 

He or she is capable of devising all kinds of evil to pervert truth. He not only slanders, but rushes to slander all those who contend with his false teaching and sinful ways.

He or she is manipulative, and uses deceptively subtle ways to communicate his or her teachings to people, mocking those who contend with and expose him or her. 

Such is a false teacher.  False teachers are abusers.

Repent of your sins. Turn to Jesus Christ today while you still have time.