Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Response to Critic of 'Capitalism's False Ethic of Giving' (6)

The critic's comment is in square brackets. My response is interspersed in between.

This assumes that every individual is created equal which is not the case.]

God made all people to be of equal dignity.

[ If we were all created equal we would all own property equally.]

Ownership of private property is a humanistic (that is, human idea). It is not from God. Therefore, whether we are all created equal by God or not does not determine equality of property.

[ Some individuals are better managers of property than others that is why most work for a wage and the profit goes to the owner for the risk he takes as an owner, basic Capitalism.]

Indeed, capitalism is about whoever can earn more money being stronger economically. It has no regard for those who are just shunned by a cruel world, that those who are marginalised, for example, the homeless. Jesus said that His followers should help the needy.

[ As Christians is this the best system that God would have us to live under?]

The question should be posed to you because you are supporting a human-made system. All I have done is to expose the spirit behind capitalism.

[ I believe a true Social system (not Socialist system) where all labor and goods are shared equally as a community of believers is a better system to address what God's plan was from the beginning. We are our brothers keepers]

Exactly. Capitalism exists because we live in a wicked, God-hating world that seeks only it own self-interest, oppresses the weak, perverts justice, hates the poor and needy and twists truth.