Sunday, 17 January 2016

Being Poor is Not an Excuse to Not Give Freely, Cheerfully, and Generously

And He looked up and saw the rich putting their gifts into the treasury,  and He saw also a certain poor widow putting in two mites.  So He said, “Truly I say to you that this poor widow has put in more than all;  for all these out of their abundance have put in offerings for God, but she out of her poverty put in all the livelihood that she had." (Luke 21:1-4).

This story not only indicates that a person does not give more by give more material things to others. No! It also says that it is not an excuse to not give because one is poor or has less. This is because Jesus was not praising her for giving despite being poor, applying a lower set of standards of generosity to her. God is no respecter of persons (Romans 2:11). He does not apply a lower standard of generosity to anyone, just because they have less, or a higher standard just because they have more. Rather, he was saying that she was doing the right thing, what one should be doing in the first place, to fulfill the basic Moral Law to love, to give to God what belongs to God (Luke 20:25) and to give cheerfully (Matthew 10:8).