Monday, 29 February 2016

The Inconsistency of Those who Support "Homosexual marriage" but Yet Not other Deviant "Marriages"

To those of you who support "homosexual marriage", you need to answer where is the line between legitimate and illegitimate marriage to be drawn. Do you think it is right to for three people marry each other? Is it right for a person to marry his dog? Is it right for an adult to marry a child? Most of those who support "homosexual marriage" will say no. This is not because they still "at least" have some decency, or that by "God's grace" they can still be opposed to such things which they know to be wrong in their hearts (Romans 2:14-15). 

No! This is their disgusting hypocrisy, in supporting one type of deviancy, out of fear of people, but yet the same time, not supporting other deviancies they should be supporting as such people who are deviant and vile. In being opposed to "human-animal marriage", polygamy and "adult-child marriage", such proponents of "homsexual marriage" are being all the more evil, by their dishonest, double-minded, hypocritical inconsistency. Their opposition to "human-animal marriage", polygamy and "adult-child marriage" makes them all the more vile and despicable, not less evil.

If a person wants to support "homosexual marriage", he needs to be consistent with their views in supporting all kinds of marriage including that between an adult and a child, a person and an animal, and between multiple people. That is just to be frank.