Monday, 10 October 2016

Pro-Life Movement, Meet Abolitionism

Abolish Abortion Florida is merely the most recent push to date in the nationwide abolitionist movement. The proposal to criminalise abortion as 1st-degree homicide, punishable to the maximum extent under law, has already been forwarded in states such as Oklahoma, Texas, and Ohio. In a country wherein the pro-life movement has held sway for 43 years as the main "opposition" to child sacrifice, it can seem bizarre, extremist, and even divisive when someone stands up and proclaims that Jesus is actually King, not the Supreme Court or the President. That this is the case is a measure of how compromised and pitiful the pro-life movement really is. 

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PLEASE PRAY that this bill in Florida which seeks to treat abortion as murder will be written into law to treat the vile sin of abortion as what it really is: murder.