Thursday, 13 October 2016

The Pro-Life Movement Does Not Want To Ban Abortion, It Goes Against Law That Abolishes Abortion, The Pro-Life Movement Has Become Absolutely Evil

The pro-life movement which is absolutely against the punishment of women for murder, and panders to these murderers, yes murderers, demonstrates it vile humanism - all under the guise of false religion. They are wicked, evil and vile, despite having the face of religion.  

Modern western society is hypocritical. Whenever a man assaults a pregnant woman, he is charged with two counts of murder, for both the woman and the child. That is right. However, when a woman seeks to murder her child in the womb, it is deemed to be her "right", that which is morally justified. 

The pro-life movement simply conforms to such thinking in failing to treat abortion as the sin of murder. Instead of treating it as the sin of murder, it treats it simply a 'bad choice', 'mistake' or a 'difficult situation' that a woman gets into.

Such is the vile evil thinking of the pro-life movement.