Saturday, 10 May 2014

Don't Worry about Tomorrow, God is in Control!

A secular study has shown that a stressful marriage is more likely to kill men than women. The results are plausible and that is why it says in Proverbs, "better to live in a desert than with a contemptuous wife". The modern courts, because they bow to the iniquity of the feminists, most of whom are probably daughters of perdition, that is, in state of eternal damnation, HELL, because they are workers of iniquity themselves. 

However, given that it is a secular study, the people interpreting the results are terrified of death because unsaved people are terrified of death and think that death is bad, and try so hard to extend life. They are pagans who worry about tomorrow (Matthew). These people do not realise that death is in the hands of God​. Christians KNOW that God's control is sovereign above all. God is the one who determines birth and life, not doctors, scientists, psychologists or any other person.  

The point of sending you this is to illustrate how the pagans are anxious about tomorrow and that worry comes from relying on one's own strength rather than God's strength. My point is NOT about how some have a shorter life than others. All will die one day. What matters is how you live to serve God and others.  You can forget this secular junk! Above all, we need to pray for these pagans to repent and put their faith in Jesus. There is nothing more important than being right with God.