Thursday, 22 May 2014

Psychology: Do Only as Thou Shalt Choose (3)

Psychology is not a science but rather philosophy. Philosophy is the way we think and how we think has social and cultural ramifications. It is not some creature that is locked within the doors of educational institutions. In fact, it is a creature that unleashes its ugly head on society. The devil uses psychology to indoctrinate people about the way humans think, feel and act, our origins, and morality. What people think about our origins and how we humans think, feel and act determines how we view morality. That is why Creation is absolutely crucial to the understanding of sin and death. Evolution is the antithesis of Creation as it claims that life evolved rather than that life is created by God. If life is created by God, God owns life. Therefore, evolution denies that God exists or that God has Sovereignty over all things. As such liberalism, legitimises a lack of, or a hostility towards a moral framework that is objective and universal.

The doctrine of liberalism is that one should only do as one chooses in one's own autonomy. As a long as an act is done purely as one's choice, it is deemed to be right. Thus, the meaning of 'hurt' or 'harm' is dependent on whether people choose carry out any particular act. This is against the Biblical teaching that one is either under the Law of God in the case of unsaved people (Romans 7), or that those who are saved are no longer under the Law but must obey the Two Greatest Commandments to love God with all one's mind, spirit, soul and strength and to love others as one loves oneself (Matthew 22:36-40; Romans 5). Therefore, all people are subject to God's Law or Commandments. Liberalism implies that people are 'free' to choose as one lives, denying the existence of God's Law or Commandments. The modern church has not been immune from the devil's attacks through psychology. The idea of privatisation of Christianity as a religion is such a manifestation of liberalism. True Christianity is not (man-made) religion, obedience to the Sovereign Author of Life and Maker of All Things. The Church's love for God has become colder while to attempts to associate and love the world, as a result of adopting such thinking. It is because of this that it has failed to be the salt and light of the world as Jesus commanded (Matthew 5:13-16). The Church's love for God must be made whole.

Psychology is an indoctrination tool to deceive people about God, leading them down the broad road to Hell. It must be uncompromisingly opposed by the Church.

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