Wednesday, 14 May 2014

The Church has been Seduced by the Spirit of Mammon, and Does not even Know it

Many of the unsaved in the West treat the Church with absolute disgust, disdain, vitriol and hatred. They blame the Church for allowing usury which was a precursor for capitalism – not a mere doctrine, but a way of living, and an idol from the spirit of Mammon. Although it is true that the unsaved look at the church through their lens of their hatred for God, it may well be true such observations about indictable offences committed by the Church are true. Indeed, the unsaved in the West are absolutely right about the modern Church being a mammonised organisation. What is extremely ironic is not only that many Christians cannot see how the spirit of Mammon has infiltrated it, but they treat Mammon as though it does not exist or that the mammon they are serving is from God. That is what is so baffling about many Christians today – people who should understand the spirit of Mammon, of all people, because they have the Word of God, but yet failing to see how it has blinded them from God.

Jesus made it very clear that “one cannot serve God and Mammon. You will hate one and love the other” (Matthew 6:24). Many Christians, whether they be actively serving the Church, or someone who does not actively serve, do not even understand what Jesus meant by this. Whenever you confront them about what the spirit of Mammon is, they fight you vehemently and tell you that God gives blessings for obedience, capitalism, which is of the spirit of mammon, makes people work hard for their material needs, preventing a ‘socialistic’ society, which is just as materialistic, as they are only too quick to point out. They harbour a hatred of socialism and Marxism, accuse you of being socialistic and Marxist because they just cannot accept your indictment against their attempts to serve God and mammon. Those who make such arguments miss the point altogether. They are resistant to the warning about mammon because in their own rebellion against God, they are attempting to justify mammon because they are under the spirit of mammon itself, but yet serve God at the same time. This is an absolute impossibility which they have forgotten entirely, only to allow the unsaved to laugh, mock and blame the church for all social, economic and cultural ills.

The unsaved know that they are against God, and that their self-serving materialism is against God “for God has made himself known to all” (Romans 1:20) and that His Law is written on the hearts of all people. They know that materialism is anti-God, and thus laugh in delight to see how many Christians are trying to serve mammon, and yet serve that one who they hate above all, God. This had lead to the image of Christians in the West being people who attend Church for the sake of a man-made religion, rather than something that is ordained by God, while being too busy, like the unsaved, striving for material achievements and success. As harsh as it sounds, the modern Church, by being too busy serving material things, and yet claiming to serve God, is extremely hypocritical. It has been seduced by the spirit of Mammon and fornicates with Mammon. It needs to purge itself of mammon and has left its first love for God.

Out of fear of being labelled “unloving”, in their own self-serving love for themselves, those in the Church who can see through the spirit of Mammon, fail to confront those who are under the spirit of Mammon of their spiritual state. Failure to confront those who are under the spirit of Mammon is paramount to serving Mammon by allowing others to do so. There is no excuse for failing to warns others that they are attempting to serve God and Mammon. Confronting people about their spiritual illness is love, not hate for “faithful are the wounds from a friend, but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful” (Proverbs 27:6). That is why Jesus spent so much time warning about hell and that in order to follow Him “you must deny thyself and give up all your possessions, freewill and life” (Luke 9:23). “Acting morally” by keeping the all the commandments but the First Commandment, as the rich young ruler in Luke did, is not enough. To obey God, one must deny oneself daily. Full stop.

When Jesus came to fulfil the Law, He gave the two Greatest Commandments to “love your God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength”, and to “love your neighbour as thyself”. By keeping these two Commandments, one obeys all of the 10 Commandments. Jesus did not need to tell people to love themselves because people gravitate towards loving themselves. The Church has allowed itself to be seduced by the abominable, devious, cunning and disgusting doctrine of self-esteem. Self-esteem is self-love and whenever you love yourself, you fail to love others because you become your own idol. Since you are your own idol you serve material interests, or Mammon.

The demonic teaching that “God will bless you with wealth and guarantee all your ‘basic needs’ if you obey Him” must be eradicated from the Church immediately. If you still don’t believe me, look at Apostle Paul and his hardship and suffering. You are mocking God if you accept and hence, heed such teaching like many Christians in the modern Church. Stop treating God as though He has obligations to give us anything, because He does not.


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