Thursday, 22 May 2014

Psychology: Philosophy Masquerading as a Pseudoscience (2)

Psychology claims itself to be a science because it uses a scientific method to draw inferences. However, the inferences drawn in psychology are not quantifiable, unlike that of gravitational acceleration and the Avogadro's number. Therefore, the results obtained are mere interpretations that is beholden to the eyes of the experimenter. However, because psychology uses observations and data, it cannot necessarily be completely dismissed as totally false. It is because it uses actual data and draws inferences from the actual data, that enables truth and error to be laid beside each other. A half-truth is not truth, but error. That error is mixed with truth enables the devil to deceive many.

Psychology is not a science but rather a philosophy. Psychology is the devil's tool of telling people how to think, mostly about themselves. Psychology is not merely an academic discipline, but philosophy. The philosophy underlying psychology has evil humanistic, secular roots as it was founded by godless men who hated God and sought to make others hate God. Anything opposed to God is from the devil who is the "father of lies" (John 8:44).

It teaches people that:

  • They do not need God to be 'good' because humans are inherently good (humanism);
  • God does not exist because we evolved by random chance (Darwinian evolution)
  • They should tolerate all beliefs and cultures, and that anyone who claims that there is only one truth is 'imposing' their views on others (postmodernism);
  • There are no moral absolutes and that morality is a social construct (liberalism)