Friday, 3 July 2015

False doctrines are stumbling blocks

Stumbling blocks are barriers to belief in the Gospel of Jesus. It is not merely ‘unrighteousness and love of sin’ that is the barrier to belief as jokers love to simply dismiss. This is as helpful as saying that the barrier to putting on a parachute in a plane knowing that it will crash is that the plane will crash to the ground anyway. It is to simply dismiss those who did not hear about the parachute being the solution to be simply unable to be saved from the crash. It is to blame such people for not hearing about the parachute and for not knowing the plane will crash. This jokers blame people who do not hear the Gospel for being born in sin, and thereby, not being saved anyway even if they heard the Gospel.  This is what they are trying to imply and they do not even realise. Such a joker of an evangelist thinks that. He may as well sell burgers for a living.

The barriers to belief come from outside the person’s heart too. This is just as important to understand. Why is it that the Apostles had to deal so much with false doctrines? Many stumbling blocks are false doctrines, if not most. These false doctrines feed on the flesh and the carnal mind, holding helpless sinners in captive. Yet, jokers who simply dismiss the barrier to belief as unrighteousness and love of sin do not acknowledge such bondage that comes from false doctrines, while expressing how much they care for the lost. False doctrines hold people captive and hinder people from believing in Jesus Christ. Of course, it is that flesh that is hostile against God that makes a person resist believing in Jesus. That is why God needs to draw that person to Him. However, satan and his demons are actively seeking to stop a person from repenting. Satan and his minions are ever more powerful in the world today.

Satan uses the idea that it is only because of a person’s unrighteousness and love of sin that is the barrier to accepting the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which many modern evangelicals believe. This is a very dangerous half-truth. It is absolutely true that it is a person’s unrighteousness that ultimately leads him to reject Jesus. However, this is not what such jokers are saying. What they are saying completely fails to acknowledge that a person cannot help but be born in sin. They are dismissing the lost who do not hear the Gospel of simply being too unfortunate. Thus, this dismissive attitude towards the lost is really hatred under the guise of graciousness. It is to imply that if a person does not hear the Gospel, it is their fault they do not hear it and end up in Hell.