Monday, 27 July 2015

The unsaved fighting usury, while the Church does nothing

Many Christian media outlets have been complaining about Muslims seeking usury-free loans. They attack the Muslims for doing so, only to their shame. Usury is an abomination in the eyes of the Lord God. 

It is just absolutely disturbing how the unsaved, for example, Muslims are pushing for usury-free loanswhile many Christians are either actively taking usury or complicit in it. It is just disturbing, sickening, it sickens me to death. I want to vomit because of the stance of the modern Church as against usury: lukewarm.

You may argue that usury prohibition is merely an "Old Testament thing", or that the anti-usury people are being "legalistic". No! Usury is an abomination under the New Covenant as much as it was under the Old Covenant because it is a moral law based on the character of God.

Simply because the Bible does not explicitly, directly or expressly talk about something does NOT mean it is legitimate.  For example, it does not explicitly talk about gambling or racism. Yet the Church is in an outcry against such sins, and rightly so.

But why does the Church not fight against usury or even think it is wrong?

Selfishness. You desire the gains of usury or happy to take it, but hate gambling because you are scared someone else will gamble your money away, and scared of people being racist to you. But you desire the gains of usury, or happy to take it, thinking you have a "right" to it.

The modern Church should just hang her head in shame for attacking those unsaved people who are fighting the very thing the Church should be fighting.