Saturday, 18 July 2015

The heart of usury

Usury is a sin. Though the New Testament may not explicitly mention, this does not mean it is acceptable to God.  Gambling, nudity and racism are not explicitly mentioned in the Bible, but yet the Church rightly condemns them as sins. Why treat usury differently? The question about what is sin is not whether one can do this or do that, but rather whether it is an act of agape love, conforming with the love of God. That is the question to ask. It is because lying, adultery and theft violate God's Law of Love that they are sins, for they act against His very nature. Anything against the character of God is sin. 

Usury seeks only to gain from others, and forgives not those who cannot repay their debts. It despises those who cannot repay and loves only those who can, out of its selfishness. It is full of covetousness and unforgiving. It is the epitome of the love of money.