Thursday, 23 July 2015

The False Doctrine of Rights and its Deception

The doctrine of “rights” is arguably the most deceptive doctrine in the world. It is not a ‘modern’ doctrine as many think, although, it is the foundation of many modern societies, in particular the West. Many in the modern world, and also the modern Church in the West, think that it is a perfectly legitimate doctrine, with nothing about it that warrants questioning. They do not even question the very doctrine of rights when seeing how it has been twisted by some. Rather, they dismiss this as merely the act of a minority who just need to learn their lesson that they should respect the “rights” of others. This is a failure on part of those who believe in the doctrine of rights – the vast majority of people, including many Christians, particularly the ones from the West. The doctrine of “rights” is a great deception. Its manifestation is responsible for most of the evils, suffering, conflicts and pain in the world, if not all.

The Doctrine of “Rights” is Hostile against God

Majority of people in the West, including many Western Christians, believe in “rights” because they are selfish and do not even realise it. They believe they are entitled to all that they have because of this very selfishness.  That is the very problem. The only people who should be able to understand this are the Christians who are made spiritually alive by God.  However, the Church in the West often succumbs to the decadent, evil modern Western culture, and accepts its doctrines to be somewhat legitimate, and therefore legitimate. It does this all without realising it. This is the evidence that the spirit of mammon and spirit of witchcraft has blinded the modern Church in the West. It believes in its “rights”; a doctrine hostile to God and of the spirit of liberalism.

Many in the modern Church of the West would argue that it is not that the doctrine itself is evil, but rather that it has been abused. They would also argue that if no one has rights, one is implying that all deserve nothing and deserve evil to occur to them as a consequence. Such an argument is to be dismissed on two grounds.

How doctrine of “rights” is a false doctrine

First, no one deserves anything at all, including our very existence for God is the Sovereign Creator of all.  Even our very breath and existence is given by grace. Secondly, the belief in rights is rebellion against God and thus evil on that very ground. God does not give us any rights for we are utterly unworthy. The doctrine of ‘rights’, on the other hand, implies that we have some worth out of the carnal thinking of humans. The Bible makes it clear that humans absolutely subject to God and have no ‘right’ to do as one wants, desires or chooses. Humans are the clay and God is the Potter. Who is the clay to demand from the Potter what it wants? It is nothing has no right whatsoever. O house of Israel, cannot I do with you as this potter? saith the Lord. Behold, as the clay is in the potter's hand, so are ye in mine hand, O house of Israel (Jeremiah 18:6).

The doctrine of “rights” implies that humans have a right to strive with God or question Him, Isaiah 45:9 says: “Woe unto him that striveth with his Maker! Let the potsherd strive with the potsherds of the earth. Shall the clay say to him that fashioneth it, What makest thou? or thy work, He hath no hands? One might still argue that a person still has a ‘right’ to strive with or argue with other people for they are not God. This is an extremely deceptive question. One should not even be striving with others in the first place, but be of a kind spirit. The very doctrine of “rights” is of the spirit of unkindness. It is legalistic, insisting on its own way, rather than being forgiving, longsuffering and full of mercy.

The legalism of the doctrine of “rights”

Some people may argue that this legalism of the doctrine of “rights” is exactly what is needed to redress evils and injustice in the world.  It is precisely because of these evils and injustice that the doctrine of “rights” is needed to seek justice. This is precisely what the problem is. The doctrine of rights insists its own way. Is not the doctrine of rights of unkindness and no mercy, rather that kindness and mercy? For who still argue that “rights” are needed for justice is seriously misguided.  Justice is that which is what is right and true. To seek justice is to seek that which is right and true regardless of the circumstances or consequences. Justice is not concerned with the self-interest or perceived self-entitlements of anyone. Justice is no respecter of persons, but only concerned with what is true and right according to an absolute standard of right and wrong.

The doctrine of “rights” is not based on what is true and right. Rather it is of the spirit of liberalism, mammon and witchcraft. The spirit of liberalism blinds the unregenerate and also many Christians who are seduced by him into thinking that humans have “right” and that God gives us our “right”, that is, what God owes us, whether it be a house, money or a car. Many in the modern Church think that whenever they labour for the Lord and He gives them something, it is that which God owes to them , that is, their ‘right’ to receive what God gives them for labouring for God. One may argue that God chooses to give what is wants to give and what God gives is good. That is true, however, it is only ever out of grace, never as of right. Never!

Yet, one may still argue that even though all things are given by grace, this does not preclude the doctrine of “rights” in his own carnality. Such is what many in the modern Church argue, for example, thinking that one has a “right” to not feel “offended” by the use of certain words, such as the word ‘modern Church’ which refers to 21st century Christendom, the body of Christ.

The doctrine of ‘rights’ is a perversion of all true justice

The doctrine of “rights” itself is one that demands its own way and believes it deserves what it desires. Some desires for affirming what deemed to be a right may be rooted in truth, such as the desire to correct oppression and injustices. However, justice is to be sought, not to affirm the “rights” of anyone, but to be obedient to God and walk according to His Law. It is not that anyone deserves to have their desire for justice satisfied that justice is to be sought. It is that injustice and evil offends God which is the only true legitimate ground for seeking justice.

No other ground for fighting injustice and evil stands as true and never-changing because truly fighting evil and injustice requires truth, and only God is truth. He is the truth.  Jesus, who fully God and fully man, said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me” (John 14:6). A framework of justice and ethics which is not based on the Law of God is not of true justice and cannot be truly just. Only the Law of God is just, and according to the Law of God, none of us humans deserve anything at all whatsoever. Rather, it shows us we deserve nothing by death and eternal damnation. The doctrine of ‘rights’, in whatever form or context, is hostile against the truth that all of us truly deserve to face God’s wrath and justice. Hence, there is no such thing as a ‘right’.

Humans have no rights, only God does

God is the Sovereign Creator of all things, invisible and visible. Thus, He is the one who is true and right. What is right or wrong is determined by the very nature of God because He is the Creator of all Things. Since God made humans in His own image, it follows that humans are to obey God fully and completely. All humans are fully subject to Him are so we are all to seek God and walk in His statutes. Anything that deviates from obeying God, even to the slightest extent, is rebellion. It is illegitimate in the eyes of God and thus rebellion. While it is true that God gives each person liberty, it must be understand that God does not give him the right to rebel against Him. Rather, it is that God gives us liberty so that we can learn to love God. It is by no means a right to rebel against God.

The Elements of a right

Since what is right is determined by God, and no other, the only right a human have would be to obey God, if one could call it as such, is to obey God. To have a right, there must be two elements to be satisfied. First, one must have the authority to determine what is right. Secondly, one must be deserving of, or worthy to merit what one thinks is right. This definition is not an ideological, social or cultural one. It is a spiritual one. Whenever a person fights for one’s rights, she thinks that she satisfies these two things in her heart.  No human satisfies these two things for no one has authority to determine what is right except God, and no one is deserving of anything. That people can only but naturally fight for their “rights” only testifies to how hostile the doctrine of “rights” is to God.

Element 1: Authority

The doctrine of ‘rights’, is a manifestation of the spirit of liberalism. The spirit behind this doctrine seeks to blind people into thinking they can do what is right in their own rights, without being accountable to or incurring the wrath of God. Whether the conception of rights is cultural, social, religious, political or economic is irrelevant. This is because the doctrine of ‘rights’ in whatever form is of the same demonic spirit that works through the unregenerate, and also the true Christians who are seduced by him.

It is very simple. What is right or wrong is determined only by God because of His nature. It is not humans who have any authority to declare what is right or wrong, but God alone. Thus, the element of authority for a legitimate moral right is not satisfied.

Element 2: Deserving or meriting of the thing called for

This element of a ‘right’ is the more deceptive one. Satan loves to use the desire of the carnal human flesh to justify itself, to blind those seeking to justify themselves into thinking they “deserve” what they are seeking. Those who are under the spirit of mammon which feeds on this lust of the flesh and pride of life will not be able to understand this. This includes the mammonised Christians who in their hearts strongly object to the claim that they could be under the spirit of mammon. As such, like the unregenerate, they still think that they are justified in seeking their own “rights” and that of those they care for.

It is absolutely true that there are many injustices in the world and that the Bible tells the Christian to correct injustice (Isaiah 1:17). However, it is not that any person has a “right”, that is, authority to determine what is truly right in the moral sense and deserving of anything, that justice should be sought on behalf of the person.  This is where the deception of rights lies. This is precisely what satan wants. He wants the masses to be enslaved to the bondage of seeking to satisfy one’s own earthly, fleshly desires. Even in the case where a person has been truly wronged, there is no excuse to act in earthly, fleshly ways to seek justice. To do so would be to satisfy one’s own earthly, fleshly desires itself.

One may argue that God gives people the freewill to choose whether or not to obey Him, and thus that is the right He gives. That is blasphemy. There is no right given by God to anyone to rebel against Him. None! You may argue, that is obvious, but people still do. That is not the issue here. That a person murders or rapes, knowing it is wrong but having desires to do so does not make it a right. The same applies to any sin or evil committed by humans, which is only God and God alone. After King David sinned with Bathesheba, he said to God: “Against thee, thee only, have I sinned, and done this evil in thy sight: that thou mightest be justified when thou speakest, and be clear when thou judgest” (Psalms 51:4).

Sin is not ever against humans, but against God alone

Sin is not only that which is against God, but against God and Him alone. Sin is never against humans. Although a sin may certainly be committed against another human, it is not that it is committed against another human that makes it a sin. Rather, it is because it is committed against God that makes it is a sin. Many in the 21st century or modern Church may try to argue that sin is sin because it is committed against both God and humans. This is an utter deception, one which is a subtle mix of seeking to please God, but yet at the same time seeking to please people. Such is the blasphemous idolatry of the people-pleasing, people-fearing Church in the 21st century!

No one can serve two masters both God and the carnal human flesh. Serving the carnal human flesh by seeking to satisfy the self-interests of other people is to serve the carnal human flesh. You may attempt to turn this argument around but you cannot, arguing in the typical 21st century Christian fashion, so influenced by modernist and even postmodernist thought, by saying that God tells the Christian to love one’s neighbour and serve one’s employer. This is to completely disregard Ephesians 6:7 which says: “With good will doing service, as to the Lord, and not to men” and Colossians 3:23 which says: “With good will doing service, as to the Lord, and not to men”.

A Subtle Perversion: The Birth of Western secular humanism

The doctrine that sin is against humans only on the grounds that it shows a lack of love towards one’s neighbour, rather than because it is ultimately a lack of love for God, is a very dangerous and pernicious half-truth. It has laid the foundations of Western secular humanism.  While anything that is not of love for one’s neighbour is a sin, it is not the neighbour who is the standard for determining what is love. It is God’s standard that determines what is love, and therefore what sin is. Sin is anything that is the lack of love, for love is the fulfilment of the Law of God. The perversion of the doctrine of sin into one which implies that a sin can be constituted only on the grounds of a lack of love for one’s neighbour, but not a lack of love for God is of an evil demonic spirit – the spirit of humanism. The spirit behind the spirit of humanism is the spirit of liberalism.

The spirit of liberalism has blinded the Christian into thinking the human-centred idea that sin can be that which is against humans, as well as against God for God loves humans. This is based on the falsehood that humans can have authority to determine what is right and wrong, justified on the grounds of “Christian liberty”. While it is true that God does give liberty to the Christian, this liberty only comes from the love of God towards the Christian. It is only the love of God which enables the Christian to love God and to love others with agape love that liberty comes for love is the fulfilment of the Law of God (Romans 13:10; Galatians 5:14). Christian liberty is the liberation of an individual from the consequences and power of sin in one’s life. It is not liberty to do a person pleases on the grounds that the Bible does not explicitly prohibit the act.  

Offending mere humans is not a sin

An act is not a sin because it offends people for their own self-interests or to satisfy their own flesh, whether it be their pride or self-pity. This is one of the greatest deceptions; that a sin is determined by virtue of what offends people. Do you know what offends people? The Gospel of Jesus Christ. So, if sin is that which offends people, or can offend people, it would follow that not only the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but the Gospel itself would be a sin.

The deception that arises from this is that a sin is that which offends both God and people. While a sin may certainly offend both God and people, it is not because it offends people, or upsets people that makes it sin. Rather, it is solely because it offends God that makes it sin. It is absolutely important to emphasise that only if something offends God makes it sin. It is because to argue something is a sin if it offends God, as well as another ground, implies that God is not the only standard. God is the only true standard for what is right and wrong. All other standards, which are of the flesh, or of devil, not only do not determine what is right or wrong, but cannot. Thus, to claim that an act is a sin on a ground outside of God, as well as because it offends God, is blasphemous. It is to not to claim that God is not sovereign, but that the alternative, humans, can be Sovereign. Such is the blasphemy of the doctrine of “rights”, which claims that an act is morally wrong because it offends people.

The doctrine of “rights” is vile, humanistic blasphemy

Humans are by no means that standard for right and wrong. The claim that an act is wrong, because it offends people is a humanistic one, and therefore itself, blasphemous.  Such thinking can only be expected from a world that hates God, and loves sin. It is therefore unreasonable, and pollyanna to expect otherwise. For example, being violent is a sin, not because it offends people, but because God hates it. That people feel offended by violence has absolutely no bearing on its morality, whatsoever. If people, especially the unrighteous, are offended by anything, so what? There should be no such regard. The idea that an act is wrong because it offends people must be flushed out of one’s system for one to be worthy of God, for what the world esteems is what God finds to be an abomination (Luke 16:15).

It is extremely disturbing that modern Church has accepted such thinking, all without realising it. Many in the modern Church, especially in the western Church think that if another person has personally offended him, that person has sinned on that very basis of personally offending him. Such is a doctrine of demons! One may argue that the Bible tells people to be ‘gentle’ and thus, that is unbiblical to cause upset to people. While it does tell people to be ‘gentle’, a word that is often twisted or misunderstood by many within the Church, especially by modern evangelicals, simply because a person is offended by mere words of another does not in any way mean that he has sinned. It is precisely because of this thinking, that humans can even be determining what is wrong, that humanism has crept into the Church, all while thinking it is a means of loving people. What blasphemy!

To seek not to offend people is in itself, to please people, that is, the flesh. Instead of being sensitive to God, the modern Church, especially modern evangelicals speak about being sensitive to people – mere, carnal, God-hating, arrogant, proud, vile people who are unrighteous, vile and abominable filthy rags (Isaiah 64:6). No true Christian should fear offending people with Truth, even if the true statement appears to be one-sided to the person. For what people think should be that which the Christian has absolutely no regard for. Rather, offending people with truth is that which the Christian should rejoice in for its shows that he has a fear of God, not fear of people. One might argue that he has respect for people, to imply that one is a good person. So what if one respects others? It is all too easy to respect others for respecting others merely involves not interfering with their lives. It is not about people which people, of course, like to think. The only One who a person should have regard for is God who deserves all praise, glory and honour.

The doctrine of ‘rights’ is a manifestation of the spirit of humanism. Instead of seeking only the true standard, that is God, people esteem themselves as the standard. It is a vile, abominable sin for humans to esteem themselves as the standard for it is arrogant, and blasphemous for humans to even think they can be the standard for right or wrong. It is precisely because most people think this that they will burn in Hell, and exactly how all social problems arise.

The idea of “rights” is from the vile, and desperately wicked human heart, nothing else

All social problems in the world are cause by the human heart which thinks that it need not seek God’s wisdom, and can trust its own, and seek its own self-interest. This is the heart of the doctrine of “rights”, which the modern Church naively embraces, yet while accusing those who do not believe in “rights” to being naive, or hateful.

The doctrine of “rights” is of the flesh; selfish, proud, arrogant and seeking its own way. Is it no wonder that in a world that increasing believes that rights is what determine what is right or wrong, there is increasing hatred in people? A loveless world is a godless world. Look at all the problems in the world. They are caused by a human heart that is desperately wicked and deceitful above all things (Jeremiah 17:9).

Such wickedness is of the human heart itself which always thinks itself justified in what it does, and blames others for its own wickedness. It seeks to force all others to repay the evil vile things done to it, full of unforgiveness, while not only daring to seek others for forgiveness, but demanding that others forgive it. To even think one is entitle to any forgiveness at all for one’s wickedness is a vile thing in itself. Not only is the human heart satisfied with blaming others for its own wickedness but it knows no boundaries in seeking to alter the Moral Law of God it knows exists, but not get rid of it entirely, but to select the parts of it that it likes to use for its own selfish ends, and twisting it so as to blame others for its own wickedness or manipulate others. Such is the double-mindedness of the human heart.  That is exactly why the Bible needs to tell people to “Let your ‘yes’ be ‘yes’, and your ‘no’ be ‘no’” (Matthew 5:37; James 5:12) as the human heart is one which makes its ‘yes’ be anything other than ‘yes’, and its ‘no’ anything other than ‘no’. However, with regards to others, it forces the ‘yes’ of others to be ‘yes’, and the ‘no’ to be ‘no’.

Know this: all of us deserve to be in Hell right now since conception. Since that is not the case, God by His grace alone has allowed us to even exist. Even our mere existence is given by grace, and therefore not a right. A “right” is something that one “deserves”. None of us deserve anything at all, whether it be money, love, or a single breath. The only thing all of us deserve is God’s hatred against us all. That is the most just thing there ever could be, for God to hate the sinner and damn him in Hell for an eternity. God’s hatred is a holy hatred, and justified in all case against all individual humans. All of us deserve nothing but the utmost hatred from God, not love. If you dare think you deserve love from God, you need to humble yourself and repent of it. You need to know that you deserve to die and burn in Hell for an eternity. Such a punishment is not given for you to enjoy defying God, for in Hell, you will not be free to defy God. You will have an ever greater desire to hate God but not be able to do so. You will be cowering down before Him praising Him against your will.

Anyone who dares exalts himself against God is hostile against God. Such assertion of sovereignty to determine right or wrong, or the predisposition to think one has such sovereignty is a grave, abominable sin. This is precisely what the very idea of “rights” proclaims. All of us deserve nothing but God’s hatred. Once a person has such knowledge that he is deserving of only God’s wrath, hatred and Eternal Damnation, he would be acting in hostile, arrogant and blasphemous defiance to even think he has any rights, even by the slightest, to anything. Anyone who believes in the idea of “rights” will burn in Hell for an Eternity on the very grounds of such a belief. It is justified that such a person dies in Hell for she is a vile, blasphemous sinner, who exalts herself against God by thinking she has any rights at all. None of us has any “rights”. Christian, flush out every ounce of the idea of “rights” in your system. You will burn in Hell if you even believe in “rights”.

Secular humanistic movements are all based on “rights”

What is it that motivates vile, secular humanistic people to ‘fight’ evils, such as the evils of pornography, prostitution and even abortion? Self-interest, of course, you may reply. Yes, that is certainly true. However, it would be an understatement to claim it is merely self-interest. It is out of lust of the flesh and pride of life. These things which drive the secular humanistic to ‘fight’ evils (if one could even call it fighting evils) are manifested in their fight for their “rights”. You may argue that the non-secular unsaved people, such religious people of non-Christian religions also seek to ‘fight’ evil out of their own flesh and pride of life. That is true. However, they typically reject the doctrine of “rights”, or at least, the doctrine of “rights” is not distinctively or overtly the foundation of their quest to fight evils, such as the evils of usury, or evils of abortion.

Fighting evil out of lust of the flesh and pride of life is, of course, an abomination in the eyes of God, for the good works of the unrighteous are filthy rags to the Lord (Isaiah 64:6). It is to fight evil using evil itself, that is, lovelessness. Where there is no love, there can only be godlessness for love is fulfilment of the Law (Romans 13:10). Thus, where there is no love, there is, nor can there be, obedience to God, which is godliness.

To fight evil out of a belief in “rights” is not only evil; it is diabolical for it is full of deceptions, that are a mix of truth and lies. This is satan’s favourite tactic to undermine the Church’s spiritual power in fighting evil. It is very effective because many Christians cannot see through the seemingly legitimate doctrine of “right” and all things pertaining to this goal, which appears to be noble, but really is just wicked and diabolical. Any quest against evil on fought on the basis of “rights” is not only vain, although it certainly is, but full of wickedness.

The spirit of independence works through those who fight for “rights”

Any fight for “rights” is of the spirit of independence which feeds on rivalry, division and competition. Independence is against God for He made us all to depend on Him, and on each other. The root of independence is therefore selfishness and the desire to choose to ignore the needs of others.  Independence rejects all inadequacies for it seeks to rely on its own strength. It is ashamed of all inadequacies, and loves to boast of its strength.

One might argue that it is because of the cruelty and callousness of the world that the doctrine of “rights” is needed. This itself is of faithlessness and independence, which feeds on the desire to rely on one’s own human strength and to seek one’s own fleshly desires. It is to not only claim that God cannot be trusted, but that He is a liar who thinks that acting in a self-seeking way is legitimate in some cases.

Acting in a self-seeking way is never justifiable in the eyes of God. To even think that it might be justifiable in the eyes of God is not only to claim that He lies, but to call Him a liar – one who cannot be trusted. Such is one of the vilest forms of blasphemy. One may ask, is it not hard to forgive? That is true, that is hard to forgive. It is because of that it is ‘hard’ to forgive for the flesh that is all the more the reason God commands us all to forgive. The flesh is one that is unforgiving by nature. It cannot forgive because it loves itself.

Those who live by the flesh will die: For if ye live after the flesh, ye shall die: but if ye through the Spirit do mortify the deeds of the body, ye shall live (Romans 8:13).  This includes living in unforgiveness towards any person no matter how vile, evil or oppressive the act is. The perpetration of a sin another oneself is one act, while the unforgiveness of the victim is another. The unforgiveness of the victim cannot be blamed on the evil act perpetrated against oneself for that is to blame one’s own sin on another. It is analogous to saying that one murders another person because that person stole something from oneself, a vile sin, but one which does not justify the sin of the victim of theft.

The doctrine of “rights” is from a heart that is faithless, trusting only in one’s flesh, and not in God. It is a fleshly, worldly doctrine that has no place in the Church. It needs to be eradicated from the Church. It is the manifestation of the spirit of independence, which many Christians in the west are under, seeking to trust in their own human strength out of lack of trust in God. This lack of trust in God is ultimately a lack of fear of God.

A Call to the Church

The doctrine of “rights” is a false doctrine. It is from a heart with no selfless love, one that only seeks its own self-interests. Such a doctrine, as a result, blinds people into thinking it is a legitimate, wholesome, noble doctrine by feeding on the faithlessness, rivalry, competition and division.

The Church needs to wake up to how evil the doctrine of “rights” is, reject it, and above all, show God’s love to a dying, needy world that is full of suffering, oppression, pain and injustice. Then only will it prove this to be true.