Thursday, 15 October 2015

Money and murder: How spirit of Mammon works to Lead people to Death

Money and murder go together.  Most crime in the world is committed with the motive to gain money, or to avenge for threats to one's finances or possession, either directly or indirectly. Much violence is motivated by the desire for money, or in response to one's financial security. There is a very strong connection between money and murder.

All those social, or cultural movements which seek to 'advance' the interests of certain groups who take advantage of all social tumult are seek equality, liberty, freedom and rights such as the black liberationists and the feminists. They hate those who are skeptical of them, or resist them. They love the material things such as equality, rights or freedom, which ultimate come from money which enables people to buy absolutely anything that is earthly. Such people are murderers in the heart.

The spirit of mammon is the demon behind many murders in the world, both murders of others and murders of self, that is, suicide. Suicide is murder. It is self-murder. Murder is always done out of self-love, love of the flesh, which is itself the hatred of God. Sin is hatred of God, and absolutely manifestation of the hatred of God. Whatever is not done out of love for God, is sin. For one to love God, there must first be faith: Now the purpose of the commandment is love from a pure heart, from a good conscience, and from sincere faith (1 Timothy 1:5). Anything not done in faith cannot please God (Romans 14:23).  Thus, if love can only come after faith in Christ, and without faith one cannot please God, it follows that without love, one cannot please God. 

Murder of self is not the hatred of self, itself a vile idea.  No! Self-murder, called "suicide" is the love of self. It is to treat one's life as that which belongs to oneself, when it belongs to God and God alone. It is the manifestation of pride in oneself, thinking that one can do as one chooses, and that one should preserve oneself from all hardships, sufferings, guilt and shame. This is the motivation behind suicide, plain and simple. There are no more so-called nuanced reasons for suicide. Such a claim is a vile claim of the flesh. There is no argument. Self-murder is itself always committed out of pride, manifested in the desire to preserve oneself, out of love for oneself. Self-murder is the ultimate manifestation of self-love. 

To think that suicide is done out of self-hate is itself a vile, abominable, despicable thought. It is to arrogantly think that one's life is that which is one's own, thinking one can do as one wants with it.  It is to say, "why would I kill myself, for I am living such as good life?" "A good life?", the righteous Christian might ask. What about when such a person dies. He will burn in Hell where he deserves to go. Such is a good life, to pursue one's own desires and the things of the world, only to end up in Hell, and deserve to die in Hell, all the more because he seeks to follow his own desires: but for those who are self-seeking and do not obey the truth, but obey unrighteousness, there will be wrath and fury [from God] (Romans 2:8). 

The spirit of mammon seeks to seduce people into pursuing indulging in the love of the world, through one's lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes and pride of life. He does so through a myriad of ways, whether through an enslaved debt system, democracy, which should really be called demoncracy, usury, marketing and capitalism. All these systems are deliberately designed by the spirit of mammon and the devil to seduce people into serving him, by serving themselves, and those who they love in any sense other than with agape love, such as their families or friends. 

One must resist such systems and not fall into their traps in order to obey God. These systems are themselves evil, born in sin, as all worldly systems are. Satan and the spirit of mammon use their servants to develop such systems which will damn one's soul to Hell if one does not resist them by the power of God. These systems are not only manifestations of the spirit of mammon, but his traps which he uses to feed the natural flesh which its wants and entice it to follow such lusts and the pride of life.

The capitalist system, for example, is one that has been critiqued by many unsaved. It is for this reason that many Christians, particularly in the west, are wary of people who critique capitalism,  and even believing that a person who is not capitalist cannot be a true Christian! What vile, abominable blasphemy! Does the Bible not say do not love the world? The capitalist system is itself of the world, embraced by the world, not being resisted or hated by the world, as anathema, for being diametrically opposed to its ways and its thinking. 

The Christian, whether critical of capitalism, should understand that capitalism is worldly, and not anathema to the world, diametrically opposed to its ways and its thinking. Rather, the world critiques what it perceives to be the negative aspects of it, those aspects which hinder one's pursuit of one's own interests, but does not find it anathema to its ways. This is exactly because the world is under the power of the devil (2 Corinthians 4:4), and capitalism is only just one stronghold of the devil and his angels. 

There are many strongholds of the devil which the world may critique, but which are not anathema to it.  For example, liberalism is clear in the minds of most Christians to be demonic. However, the world critiques it, but of course, only for the aspects which hinder one's pursuit of one's self-interest. Otherwise, liberalism is not anathema to the world's ways and its thinking at all. The same applies to the evil ideology of feminism. The world, including many unsaved women critique it, not because it is anathema to its ways, but for the aspects of it which threaten the pursuits of the self-interests of unsaved enemies of feminism. 

The spirit of mammon blinds people into seeking earthly security. Such earthly security can come in all forms, and not just merely having sufficient money and finances which so many Christians naively think.  It can be in the form of having many achievements, having a family which cares for oneself, being loved by others, having a romantic relationship or being respected by others. Such things are all earthly things which provide not only false security to those under the spirit of mammon, but that the pursuit of such things are vile in themselves, where it is against the will of God. 

For example, seeking earthly security in one's family through ties of love is a vile, abominable, despicable, disgusting sin in the eyes of God. Many in the modern Church come very close to that. The evidence is the rise of professing Christian radio shows which focus on the family. Although they do not teach wicked things, such ministries rely on their own human strength, which is precisely a manifestation of their earthly thinking. To even seek earthly security is a vile, abominable, evil, despicable sin, for it is the failure to trust God. It is to violate the command of Jesus to seek first the Kingdom of God (Matthew 6:33), by seeking earthly security. It is to insult God and blaspheme Him by saying that one's home is on earth, not Heaven as God says.

By providing such an illusion of peace and security, through pursuit of the lusts of the flesh, lusts of the eyes and pride of life, the spirit of mammon increases the appetite of the masses through seducing them to not only pursue such things, but that it is the righteous thing to do such things. He does so through a mix of lies and truth, and deceives both the unsaved and saved. 

The most obvious example of how he deceives the saved is by mixing the lie that one can serve the spirit of mammon, by doing something righteous such as serving one's family, or working for God. Many true converts do not even realise that they believe in this lie. The lie he does not reveal is that working for God means to work to serve God alone, not seeking any pay, but rather relying on God to simply provide it (Matthew 6:31-33). The other lies he does not reveal is that serving one's family means to to rely on God to provide for it by working, not by working for it in one's own strength, and demand that God gives one what wants.  

One other half-truth from the spirit of mammon is that capitalism is righteous because it makes people work harder. While it is true that work is a moral obligation ordained by God,  however, what the spirit of mammon does not reveal is who people are truly working for when slaving to the capitalist system. Those who are enslaved to the capitalist system, by taking out debt in buying a house, for example, and work to pay it off do not realise they are serving the spirit of mammon, not God in repaying debt, whether saved or unsaved. 

Debt itself forces people to serve the spirit of mammon. It has a power behind it, a power of bondage, and a power of enslavement. Such power is supernatural, and does not come from God because it is against His will that anyone should be in spiritual bondage or enslavement. Thus, such power comes from demons. 

Wherever there is a power behind something, whatever that might be, which is beyond that of humans, and that power seduces people to do evil, there is a demon. Demons are everywhere and work behind things, in particular things which are idols of people. As the Bible says to the Corinthians regarding sacrifice to idols: But I say, that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice, they sacrifice to devils, and not to God: and I would not that ye should have fellowship with devils (1 Corinthians 10:20). 

The spirit of mammon, seeking to increase the discontentment and anxiety of people, by increasing the appetite of the flesh and pride of life. This is exactly why people in the modern world are so anxious, easily agitated and upset, and unable to even be content with the earthly things they already have which they do not even deserve. Discontentment and anxiety begets more discontentment and anxiety: Hell and destruction are never full; so the eyes of man are never satisfied (Proverbs 27:20.  

What leads people to self-murder is not merely depression and pain. These are only mere manifestations of the heart of a self-murderer. No, what leads to self-murder is the love of the flesh, which can only be satisfied. People commit self-murder, out of defiance of their inability to satisfy their flesh, not because of submission to the their inability to satisfy their flesh.  Self-murder enables one to satisfies one flesh, and to comfort oneself that, one can still seek to satisfies one's own flesh, by murdering, murdering oneself, which is love of oneself, the one who is the hindrance to one's pursuit of one's self-interests because of one's own lack of contentment and anxiety. 

The wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23). Death is the manifestation of God's judgment to sinful humanity. That all of us humans die is itself an indictment of one's own sin. Thus, when people commit suicide, it is the ultimate manifestation of their fallenness and the desire to indulge in such fallenness. 

However, Jesus, has defeated death, through his death and resurrection, by enabling us all to live. He is the Life (John 14:6), and the giver of Life. He gives life by defeating sin, the wages of which is death  which all humans deserve (Romans 6:23), by enabling all humans who come to Him to be forgiven for their sins.