Thursday, 15 October 2015

The spirit of Murder who leads people to Death

The spirit of murder is a real demonic spirit who tempts people to murder people, including others and themselves. Murder can indeed be directed towards oneself. The spirit of murder seeks to tempt people to murder, not to make the lives of people miserable, but to seduce them into the pleasure of indulging in one's flesh, through murder. Suicide is the ultimate manifestation of self-love, and the indulgence in pursuing lusts of the flesh, lusts of the eyes and pride of life.

Sin is not miserable as the world thinks. It is pleasurable to the sinner, and not miserable to the saint, but abominable and anathema to the saint. Suicide is the ultimate pleasure to the sinner because it enables him to claim that he gets the ultimate control of how he lives, and in seeking his flesh and pride, with absolutely no limits to it. This is exactly why the world thinks suicide is legitimate, but that murder of others is wrong. Suicide is pleasure to the sinner, the ultimate act of self-love that does not threaten the self-love of other sinners. Murder of others, on the other hand, that which threatens the pursuit of self-love of other sinners.