Monday, 29 December 2014

Modern evangelism is my shepherd

Modern evangelism is my shepherd
I shall not fear
It protects me from being criticised, questioned or inquired by sinners
It gives me an easy life, approval of sinners, and no risks
My friendship, alongside with Jesus is needed for sinners to be saved
It leads me to find a good reputation with sinners
And sinners to be lead down a false path of righteousness
Falsely thinking they are saved

When I am being inquired by sinners
Who are genuinely seeking to understand why they need God
I can comfortably fall back on my friendship with sinners
While leaving those who do not have my friendship
To continue on the paths to Hell
I shall not fear the sinners
Because they have my friendship
And they shall end up in Heaven because of my friendship
The Gospel of Jesus Christ is not enough for sinners

Street preaching and use of God’s Moral Law, I oppose without question
Nor do I seek to understand why it is Biblical
My friendship is what is needed
And sinners need not see their sin in their true light reflected by using the Moral Law
Street preaching will reduce our chances of our friendship with sinners
A prerequisite of sharing the Gospel,
Preaching and using the Moral Law is offensive to sinners because it is Biblical
And thus to be opposed
Despite the millions who are dying from having no spiritual food of the Gospel that can bring life
Which will advert the paths of the sinners to the path of Life

Modern evangelism is my shepherd
It sees no spiritual emergency
It anoints my head with carnal methods from psychology and sociology
It seeks to give spiritual water in a nice glass to each person who seeks after God
Where there are none that seek after God
Instead of freely feeding the lost masses with spiritual food
Which lead to the path of Life and the House of God