Sunday, 7 December 2014

The Things of man and flesh in the church

The modern church indeed has things full of man and flesh in the church. David Wilkerson has made the most accurate observation of this. Instead of speaking about planting the seed and letting God do the work, the modern church has sought to usurp God out of that role, by assuming that it is the way of its evangelism and friendship with the world that will draw people to God. This is an abominable, damnable heresy that must be purged from the mind of the modern church.  It is disgusting! Yet, it is so deceived into thinking that it needs to be friends with the world, and culturally sensitive, thinking that it is these things that the unsaved need. No!!!! It is the knowledge of sin and the Gospel of Jesus Christ that the unsaved need – not me or you.

The modern church, especially modern evangelicals love to pride themselves on being “culturally sensitive”. There is one evangelical from a campus ministry who seeks to keep on imposing his ideas of cultural sensitivity on Christians who are seeking to preach the Gospel, only to place burden that no one can keep. He has played a large role in discouraging me from sharing the Gospel and killing my zeal. He has made many other ridiculous accusations against me of being a neo-nazi just because I happened to share an article about usury from a website. Did he seek to understand why I might have linked the page? No. He just accused me of the most ridiculous claim. He claims that one cannot use the Law of God, and criticises Living Waters for being ungracious in using it. Living Waters is very gracious in witnessing to the unsaved.

He once taunted me saying to me along the lines of “if you are so open-minded to correction, why are you not listening” to his man-made rules about cultural sensitivity – mere mannerisms about what one should do and not do to be gentle. Gentleness does not come from mannerisms. A person’s mannerisms can be ‘nice’ and ‘gentle’ on the outside, but the person can be utterly arrogant and proud – much like the typical Australian woman who will not learn of her evils, even if she is severely flogged for them. I was being open to his corrections by listening to what he had to say, only to find that he made angry rants and comments irrelevant to the issue.

The modern church needs to good flogging about what is man-made and what is not. It needs to have proper Biblical teaching about obedience to God, and rejection of the world beaten into it like a cat-o-nine tails flogging a condemned criminal.  It needs to be beaten into rejecting the ways of the world. Many in the modern church think that by not being politically correct is enough in not conforming to the world. There is nothing more naive than this. Of course, the Gospel is politically incorrect, but also extremely offensive.  They think that being offended in a non-politically correct way is a ground for rejecting correction from others in the church, and for not preaching.  A campus ministry deleted a post I wrote for it because it was offensive, and justified it on the ground that it was offensive in the politically correct sense. The issue is not political correctness, which it fails to see, but whether it is true. The article written was that which sought to explain the spirit of mammon in the modern church.

Correction is almost always going to be offensive to the proud human heart. Unless one humbles oneself, which God expects individuals to do, correction will be offensive. Therefore, the issue is not whether it is offensive or not, but whether it is true.  The offensiveness of something does not take or add its truth value.

The campus ministry loves to make the distinction between “method” of evangelism and the Gospel, in seeking to appeal to people. Evangelism itself and the Gospel will never appeal to the natural person. Therefore, this distinction is a false one. Yet, the person accuses me of tragically “assuming role of pastor” by speaking about these issues, and of course, not being “culturally sensitive”. Speaking about issues that plague the church is for anyone within the church.  It seems he was making this accusation out of his inability to accept the statement that the spirit of mammon has swept through the church and seduces many Christians into serving him.

The church has made itself mocked by the world for its lack of faithfulness to God’s Word, by accepting some doctrines of the world and allowing them to creep into the church. Many in the modern church use humanistic individualistic interpretations of the Bible, to suit their flesh. The unsaved can see this, and sadly, this has led some of them to reject God because of hypocrisy within the professing church.

The church needs to be salt and light to the world by preaching the Gospel, living the Gospel, obeying the will of God, counting all earthly things including earthly causes of ‘social justice’ as rubbish. 

The modern church will not be able to do this by being arrogant, thinking that the world needs itself, instead of Jesus, and thinking that it can interpret the Bible in multiple ways. It will not be able to do this by succumbing to the temptations of mammon who seeks us every day, tempting us to settle for comfort, happiness and an easy life. Such is the world that is going to Hell. 

All true Christians must reject all earthly comfort, happiness and an easy life to labour for those which are everlasting. All true Christians must grow up and stop feeling "offended" about corrections.