Friday, 26 December 2014

The Modern Doctrine of Offensiveness

Many people like to claim offence today whenever they feel upset or angry about something another has told them. They like to let people know they are offended and expect people to stop ‘offending’ them. Such is the individualistic thinking that has swept the modern church today.

The modern church thinks that as long as one is not offended in the ‘politically correct’ sense, it has a “right” to claim offence. Such is unbiblical thing as there is no such thing as a “right”. It likes to assume that where someone has told someone within the church not to do something, it is because they are “offended” and do not like to be criticised. This is the presumptuousness that many of the modern church hold.

I have told someone that if he feels offended by what I write, he should just stop reading it. He assumes it is because I am “offended” at him for potential criticisms, and accuses me of criticising him for doing this, and therefore accusing me of being “hypocritical”. No. Rather, it is his attitude of choosing to not endorse the page or blog, but instead chooses to read it. He claims it is to “warn” his flock, most likely as to how evil I am or what false doctrines I am teaching.  Evil?! What?!

When I gently asked him if he could endorse the facebook page of this blog, he just had to say ‘no’, but yet choose to keep reading it. My rule for the page is that if one wants to read it, one must like it, or at least not be so rude about it as he had been previously in an email. It is my page, and therefore my rules. I should have told him this clearly perhaps. Nevertheless, he said that because I keep keeping him to be an administrator he has every right to read it which annoyed me.
Being asked to be an administrator is not a right, but a privilege. If one is so hateful, antagonistic and rude about a facebook page or blog, one should not read it.

 However, he insisted he would not ‘like’ it. It was this attitude that annoyed me, not public criticism which he makes it out to be so that, and accusing me of being a hypocrite. He told me instead that he would keep reading my facebook page and blog. He told me to stop “attacking” him on the blog and that he would continue to keep reading my posts, as though I was some kind of a demonic false teacher. So, I will take the liberty to document things that he or anyone else says to me that cause me to be in spiritual bondage. This is not to attack, but serves two functions. The first is to relieve me of frustration that I feel as a result of such spiritual bondage. The second is to expose the spirit behind the spiritual bondage. You may ask, what do I not speak to people in person. It is because of the additional confusion and frustration that causes.

Why else am  I telling this story? To demonstrate how the modern doctrine of offensiveness has worked through the church. It is not to “attack” people. Many people in the modern church has this attitude of presumptuousness, and accuse people who are speaking negative truth about what is really going on of being presumptuous.

I believe much of it stems from having a disagreement on the explanation of doctrines and approaches to evangelism. This has been what stirred me up apart from the other spiritual bondage he has kept me in through other presumptuous accusations against me that are false.

The doctrine of offensiveness is one that holds people in spiritual bondage, and causes those people infected by it to be in spiritual bondage. It is satan’s method of stirring up conflict and putting people into spiritual bondage.  The spirit behind it needs to be exposed by clearly explaining what is going on both sides of a spiritual conflict as it done here.