Sunday, 12 April 2015

Anxiety under the guise of being hardworking or sacrificial

The spirit of mammon does not feed on sexual lusts, although it is the case those who are sexually immoral will be the most mammonised people. There is a strong clear link between sexualisation and mammonisation of society. 

Rather, he feeds on anxiety of people because it is something that all of us will struggle with in the flesh from time to time, and also a sin that many people, both the unsaved and saved, think is a respectable or legitimate one. This is in contrast to the sin of harlotry that is an obvious abominable to Christians and also many decent 'moral' unsaved people. The sin of harlotry, for a considerably large portion of people is an obvious abomination, whereas the sin of anxiety and want is not obvious and often regarded as being "dutiful", "hard-working", or being prepared to "sacrifice" one's own self-interests for others - often those who one loves, connected to oneself.

Mammon works through anxiety under the self-righteous guise of being hardworking or acting sacrificially for others. He is extremely deceptive. He is unlike the spirit of harlotry who works through people who are self-indulgent and lustful, and who know they are love to lust.  The spirit of harlotry manifests herself in more obvious ways than mammon. 

As long as one is not fully trusting in God for everything, one not only will be under the spirit of mammon, but is under the spirit of mammon.